TWILIGHT (2008) – Movie Poster & Cast Picture

Sandrine Sahakians

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52 Responses

  1. Jessi says:

    Wow, i really hope they don’t slaughter the story with the movie. I was looking at the trailers for TWILIGHT…The picture of Kristen on Stephenie’s site was SO pretty! Then, I watched the trailer and I was like, Wow. She’s ugly AND a bad actress. I was SO angry. I think that they made the biggest mistake EVER putting her on as Bella. And, that kid from SharkBoy and watever that they put as Jacob..he looks like, 12!!!!! At first when I saw Edward’s picture, I was like, ugh! But then, I was looking, and he’s pretty hot…but Bella, that is just So gross! I think that this movie is going to end up being a total flop and millions of fans around the world will want to band togehter and murder it’s director along with Kristen stewart or wahtevr her name is that plays Bella. Disgusting!

  2. Eveleen. says:

    All I’m going to say is…
    Rosalie looks fat in all the pictures I’ve seen.


  3. holly says:

    i think edward(robert pattinson) looks pretty cute. yes we all thought someone else would be playing him but im sure he’ll be a great edward. the trailers make him seem like a much better actor than we think he is so i doubt we’ll be dissapointed when the movie comes out. as for kristen stewart(bella),her voice is a little deep but the chemistry she and robert have will translate well onto the big screen. needless to say, i dont think that well be disappointed by the film. its actually how i imagined it would be.

  4. Kathy says:

    Will the cast picture be sold anywhere? Will there be any other posters released before the movie comes out?

  5. Amanda says:

    I happen to be a big fan of the Twilight series and, quite frankly, I will throw a shit fit if the movie is nothing like the book. It bothers me that most of the actors aren’t even like what they were described in the book, appearance-wise. Alice is supposed to have BLACK HAIR not that redish color. And I am quite disappointed that Kristen Stewart is Bella and Taylor Lautner is Jacob. I am just waiting for this movie to be terrible. I wish it wont be. But that is impossible at this point.

  6. natalie says:

    look ppl all the cast will be different from u thought because thats wat u saw when u were readin the books so it aint fair because every1 has there own opnions of what they should like. rosalie does not look fat and alice looks fine edward looks hot bella looks like she does belong there and thats wat shes meant to look like emmett looks strong and looks like a wise crack and hot, and jasper fits in fine.
    if u dnt like my opinion the email me.

  7. Tyler says:

    You know what, I’d like to see you guys make a movie and ahve the characters look identical to waht YOUR opinions thought they looked like. I mean everyone has different imaginations and opinions. And I also think its rude to hear you call the actress of Bella a terrible actress, I’d like to see you act better then her, and besides that shes hot. So quit criticizing just because its not what your imaginations thought it would be..I mean seriously…

  8. Laci says:

    Umm Jessi, have you even read the book? Bella is not supposed to be gorgeous. She is an average, clumsy girl. I think she is pretty anyway…and if you have seen In the Land of Women you would realize she is a good actress.

  9. Rachel says:

    Watching the trailer I was really disappointed. I suppose I was hoping they would have a bigger budget for this movie bc it could be incredible. I have to say I think Kristen Stewart as Bella is not a bad choice, but I do not like most of the other people chosen to play the characters. What is up with the eyebrows on Edwards, he looks crazy. They could be doing so much with this movie and it looks like its going to be a made for tv type movie. Honestly I’ll watch it but I know I’m going to be disappointed. Maybe when they make the second one they can change all the people.

  10. Alexandra says:

    Well im n love with the books. I cant put them down. But yall jus chill.
    Im so excited ab the movie. Everyones pretty much who i imagined them to b.
    but come on! what MOVIE is better than a BOOK?
    I think they did the best they could with the movie, i mean its a hard job for someone to make a movie that is better than a book.
    stop being rude and jus deal.

  11. Emily Tanner says:

    Well whatever you guys. I think the movie will be great. I’m really excited. Have fun being miserable. Kristen Stewart was a great pick for Bella. I agree Jacob isn’t what I was looking for, but lighten up seriously.

  12. Shut the hell up Jessi! Do you think you’re so pretty that you can talk about Kristen like that? Get a life you bitch! DON’T EVER TALK ABOUT KRISTEN LIKE THAT! Take a look at yourself first.

  13. diehard twihard -YOU NEED TO READ THIS! says:

    ok, first of all jessi. The movie will more than likely be a little bit different than the book. if they put every single damn thing in the movie, it would be way more than just a couple hours long. second, i think that kristen stewart is a very pretty girl. i also think that taylor lautner is smokin hot. i am most definatly happy about who they picked for the roles of the cullens, bella, jake, charlie, billy, laurent, victoria, james, and all of bella’s friends at school.
    i also have to say that, stephenie meyer helped pick the actors out for the parts. obviously she believed that these actors would best portray her vision of what the characters looked like. if you go on stephenie meyers website, and then go to the faqs page you will find a question that asks what stephenie wanted bella to look like. she describes her as being a kind of plain girl. she has a narrow nose, heart shaped face, slightly pointed chin, chocalate colored eyes, and dark brown hair. i think that that pretty much describes what kristen stewart looks like. it may not sound pretty just reading it once, but if you read it a few times, then compare the discription to a picture of BELLA, you will see that kristen fits the part.

    last and most importantly, i honestly don’t think that millions of fans around the world will band together and kill twilights director OR kristen stewart. honestly that is the most retarted thing i’ve heard in my entire life. hey thats kinda like you, isn’t it? retarted and fizzukin ugly. oh yeah! i went there. and i don’t care what you have to say about me. i can’t wait until twilight comes out. i love the books and i am a truly grateful fan. i am so grateful that stephenie meyer was put on this earth by the greatest god ever. without her there would be no twilight. there would be no sexy vampire named edward for every female twilght fan to dream about. obviously, you aren’t a true fan. cause if you were, you would support stephenie meyer in the choice she made for each and every character. so go to hell jessi cause no one cares what you think.
    yours truly,
    the biggest diehard twihard you’ll ever find!!!!! i <3<3<3 edward cullen!!!

    P.S. wow i had a lot to say!!! lol!

  14. Girly Girl says:

    Ummm. Jessie I don’t mean to be rude put I think that “diehard twihard” is right. You know the the really annoying sentence “DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY IT’S COVER”

  15. Girly Girl says:


  16. Xeles says:

    Geez, you guys are all as bad as “jessi” hating on her that way. Do you think Stephenie would want her fans being so rude towards each other? Stephenie Meyer herself had different actors in mind at first but I’m sure she had to work with first of all, who would do it, and who would do it in budget as well. Stephenie may or may not agree with all of the staff choices but I’m sure she picked the best of what she could get. However, I do not like Bella’s character. I don’t think she is very pretty but I would not call her ugly.

    I’m okay with Bella looking average but also if you read all of the books, it was indicated that Bella was actually pretty and did not give herself credit or dress to play that part. I for some reason think that this Bella will not be as good an actor as Edward but well, we’ll see. I also preferred Stephenie’s pick for Jacob rather than the young looking kid. But I will deal, once again. That’s what makeup artists are for and if one of the characters does bomb hopefully we will be able to change them out for another movie.

    I’m pretty sure none of us envisioned that guy (certainly not Cedric from Harry Potter?) as Edward but looking at him I can see a sort of strength and attractiveness about him. He doesn’t have a feminine pretty boy face, but rather a raw kind of hot/sexiness. I am hoping Edward and James (and his crew) will carry this movie because I am iffy about the other choices.

    But with all this said, we shall see!

  17. flipper says:

    ah i can’t wait for this movie to release soon
    i’m still trying to rush in finishing the book before watching as i’d like to know the details more lol
    and since i watched the trailer by the time i started with the book then i can’t stop picturing rob and kris as edward and bella while reading haha
    hope it’s going to be the next big movie after harry potter

  18. Mel says:

    diehard twihard you rock my world!!! you took the words out of every fans mouth, and made them better. you are so right!!! your my hero for life!!!

  19. Britney says:

    I LOVE TWILIGHT!!! I think twilight and new moon was awesome!!! I’m reading eclipse right now and it’s awesome!!! I like stephenie meyer’s writing. i could read forever with her books. I totally wish i was bella. she’s so lucky!!! nothing ever happens in my life. something like that would excite my life big time!!! keep doing your thing stephenie!!! g2g to class now. i’ll write back later after i get in trouble for reading some more. tty!! bye!

  20. Juana says:

    well i LOVE the TWILIGHT series…… and “jessi” yes u been a lil bit toooo picki we all have different opinions bout the actors u should get a life! i think Kristen is a good actor for bella and well wut can i say bout edward SMOKIN HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTT! LIKE “britney” said she is VERY lucky to have edward……… ='[ and i don’t like taylor dat much but wut can i do,,,,,,,, I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!
    GOING TOMORROW TO SEE IT………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I LUV U EDWARD!!!!!!!!!! WHY DON’T U EXCIST IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!????

  21. nunya says:

    man, you guys are so negitave.
    the movie is great and yes edward is cute!

  22. kaye says:

    I agree that Kirsten Stewart’s not quite what I was expecting at all, but since she has that edginess about her and there’s a lot of that in Twilight, I think she was a good choice. I definitely didn’t expect Robert Pattinson either, but I don’t mind that at all !! I thought he was cute as Cedric, and as Edward he’s even hotter now that he’s older! Once I got over the shock that ‘the guy from Harry Potter’ was in the movie, I realized that he’s actually really good for the role too. I can’t wait to see Twilight! It just came out, and now I have to get the money for a ticket ASAP !! Stephenie Meyer ROCKS!!! While I’m waiting to borrow the fourth book Breaking Dawn, I’m reading The Host. She’s so talented. I hope that when I become a writer I’ll have her skills!!

  23. Tiffany says:

    WEll..i just saw the movie and i luved it!!…i mean it wasnt as great as the book cuz they hacked it up but still?!?..i saw it 3 times and cant wait to get it on dvd!!

  24. jo says:

    i LOVED THIS MOVIE I Want to see all of them and i liked bella and edward is hot

  25. Kimberlyand Priscilla says:

    The Twillight movie was sooooooo great it almost made me cry.But it needed more action.And edward was to tall for bella or bella was to small for edward.bella should not ever broken her leg in the movie.and i can’t wait the movie comes out in dvd.

  26. kelsey says:

    hi i loveyour movie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is the best show ever no joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think edward is soooooooo hot .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like really hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU EDWARD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Joyce says:

    I really like all the posters. They look great. I wish I could have one (a real one Huh)

  28. Brooke says:

    I love Twilight sooooo much!!! I even have 3 of the posters…
    1 with Edward & Bella, 1 with only Edward & 1 with Edward, Bella
    & James with his gang. I personaly think Edward is HOT!!!!
    I have seen the movie 23 times.

  29. awsome twilight fan says:

    first of all i think jacob was so cute but cant compare to robert pattison(edward cullen) and i think they did pretty well on picking the cast they were awesome i think alice is awesome. edward was sooooooooooooo hooooooooootttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and i read all the book with in a month. my friends called me a freak for reading so fast.i dont think they picked a good charecter for jasper i bought a poster and a twilight calender ive become obsessed with it . i have O.C.D. obsessive cullen disorter. hahahah! plus my friends are slow at reading it. why cant robert b in my lif?

  30. awsome twilight fan says:


  31. awsome twilight fan says:

    THEY LEFT OUT A WHOLE LOT WITH THE MOVIE better make 23&4 better they want dakota fanning in new moon booooooooooo i like her but not for twilight and who are they gonna use for renessmee ?

  32. Mercedeze says:

    I love….The movie…..I’m really in Love wit Edward….I love how Bella and Edward have so much chemistry between them..I’m very excited for New Moon to cum out…….

  33. court says:

    omg u guys r like so retarterd twilight was like da best movie eva!!!!!I <3 Edward he is sooooooo hawt!!! Im super exited bout da rest of da movies i read like all da books twice already. I thought Kristen was a really good pick for bella cuz she was pretty but not as pretty as edward wich is how they discribed her in the book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I luv Edward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Bailey Cullen says:

    I LOVE ROBERT PATTISON/EDWARD CULLEN hey did u guyz know tht Zac Efron n Justin Timberlake r mad @ Rob becuz alote of ppl r giving him parts in movies n there not getting anything hehe GO ROB!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!! Edward Cullen adds a whole knew meaning 2 BITE ME!!!! lol

  35. Miranda says:

    I Love Jackob!

  36. Miranda says:

    I Love the movie and Jacob!

  37. Miranda says:

    I Love the movie and the book!

  38. Miranda says:

    I Love the movie and the book!Jacob is so cute!!

  39. haylee black says:

    jacob is so hottt….yall are awsome at
    acting…im reading braking dawn!
    i wish i could met you!

  40. Zoe says:

    Edward is so HOT.Im reading Eclipes.

  41. haney says:

    I think it was too boring.

  42. Hazel says:

    I’m soooo inlove with the book and it seems like I couldn’t put it down. Personally, I don’t like the movie that much coz it missed out so much on what the book says but, I got reallllllllyyyyyy inlove with Edward!!!!!! I think Edward (Robert) and Bella (Kristen) have the best chemistry altogether!!!!!!! It’s like falling inlove all over again a million times….

  43. brittany says:

    hi i lllloooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeee jacob on twilight

  44. brittany says:

    does anyone want to talk text me at 252 521 1592 cell

  45. Jamie says:


  46. billybobthorton says:

    im in love with rob.(and edward more)
    he honestly made the book and movie for me
    im willing to fite for him
    any offers???

  47. Jamieson says:

    I have and have read the whole Twilight series about seven times and still can’t get enough. Hovever, I do think that th movie did need a little more work. To me, it was more funny than it was supposed to be romantic. When James attacked Bella, my best friend curled up like a helpless wimp into her boyfriend’s arms. YUCK!!!! Oh, and Jasper and Emmett are awesome!!!!!

  48. toni says:

    Edward Cullen “Robert Pattison” is so hot !!! As Edward hes H-O-T-HOT buuut Robert not so much.Eward and Bella such a great couple.Too bad the movie had to end so quickly .Edward is like the lonesome one so is Bella…………thats why there great together.they should make a Twilight 2 with Bella a vampire and living with Edward.That would be so cool,and she could be Bella Cullen.

    keep lovin EDWARD.

  49. Violet Hood says:

    I love Edward! I kind of like Jacob but Edward is the hottest of themm all!=) <3

  50. Anonymous says:

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