New Jacob Poster for TWILIGHT

Sandrine Sahakians

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10 Responses

  1. Xeles says:

    Jacob’s face looks almost computer generated it looks so perfect lol. I was kind of iffy about their choices with Jacob and Bella but in these pictures I’m more reassured that maybe we should give them all a chance to wow us.

    Jacob is pretty hot there =D

  2. Rayne says:

    Wow, Jacob doesn’t look Native American at all, facially. That’s kind of disappointing. I had a perfect view of him in my mind, too….

  3. Lauren says:

    i was wondering if you knew where i could find the bella poster? because i have had no luck finding it.

  4. shuga says:

    wow…i hadn’t seen this poster of jacob before. yeah he does look too perfect, very young. but he’s still hott lol! um…rayne? do you live near any native americans? half my family is cherokee and my dad married a cocopaw woman last year who has two sons. jacob looks so much lik my two cocopaw step-brothers it’s scary! you have to remember that not all the tribes look alike. sioux will look very different from cheyenne and so on. like my family who is cherokee have very sharp features while my brothers have unbelievably soft features, like jacob. he is exactly how i imagined him in the first book anyway. i just hope he can grow and build those muscles before new moon comes out (because, lets face it: script is almost done and the movie is definatly going to make over 150 million, so they will make new moon)!

    thanks for posting these up! they’re completely awesome!!


  5. shuga says:

    lauren- you can find the bella poster at FYE or spencers.

  6. carla says:

    the cast is perfect..

    i loove jacob for now..[and hes exactly what i had imagined him to look like btw..]
    atleast until new moon comes out then im:

    twilight cast = < than you!!

  7. ELENA says:

    jacob isnt supposed to be shown older until new moon (in the middle)…
    they have totally taken his character and changed it..
    hes not even supposed to be in it much.

  8. Lauren says:

    thanks shuga but i have no luck i checked, they’re not there at. All I want is the poster of her thats shown here and no luck at all but thank you

  9. joana says:

    jacob with his pinoy features, …it’s soooooo…male
    he seems like he’ll gonna save you in all troubles..
    he’s like a hero in novels…
    he’s like… richard guttierez!
    di mo iisiping bakla…
    he’s the man!!!

  10. jessica says:

    taylor lautner is the hotest werewof ever!!! i wish there was more of him in the twilight move but thats ok there was plenty of him in the twilight saga new moon hes so O.M.G cut!!!!!!!!