Dakota Fanning Cast as Jane in Twilight’s Sequel NEW MOON

Sandrine Sahakians

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  • basilia

    she will be great for the movie i wish i could be her.

  • kiseleva

    That would be so bad if they will put Dakota as Jane…. I mean i have nothing against her, she is a good actress, but she doesn’t look like Jane at all!! She doesn’t have that childish-angel-like face and she is not that pretty.. all vampires suppose to be pretty right? So why don’t they put someone who is actually pretty and who actually deserves a role… They picked a cast of mid-famous actors why don’t they just give some other not famous girl a shot, a try to play Jane? Maybe she will do a lot better then Dakota. I mean there is a lot of young, pretty girl-actresses out there who would die for that role. Why don’t give them a chance?

  • twilightbeast

    omg there is no way. dakota is not the right person for the movie.

  • She is NOT what I pictured as Jane, but she’s a good actress and she might just be able to pull it off. If she can’t, there is going to be a LOT of mad Fans.

  • Jesse-Rae

    ummmm in my thoughts… i thought Jane was supposed to have like dark brown to black hair… am i right?

  • Anastasia

    i waiting new moon twilight

  • ágii

    Byoutiful girl Dakota!!!:D

  • cori

    I don’t think she would be good to play the part of jane in the movie to me i just cant imagine her for the part.

  • Cazz

    Not to sound racist or anything… but isnt jane and alec black?

  • mel

    i think dakota is a wonderful actress! i think she can portray jane perfectly.. and duh they can change her hair color for the movie.

  • Claudia

    @ kiseleva:

    You’re absolutely right!!

  • Carmen

    I think Dakota can pull it off as Jane… And btw kiseleva, she IS pretty… But anyway, yeah, i think she will do great… =[) CYA

  • cassie

    i don’t think that jane could ever replace bella at all