Alex O’Loughlin To Star in THE BACK-UP PLAN

Sandrine Sahakians

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20 Responses

  1. Jelika says:

    I’m with you 100%
    I would watch him read the phone book!

  2. Leens says:

    I adore that man! He’ll shine in this role as he does in everything else he’s in!

    Can’t wait!

  3. Renee says:

    He is a beautiful thing to watch…in whatever he appears in! I too would watch him read the phone book!!!

  4. Alex O’Loughlin is an extraordinarily talented actor and not to mention drop dead gorgeous! He will no doubt be a tremendous asset to this movie. If you’ve seen any of his previous work (Moonlight, The Shield, Oyster Farmer, The Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant, Feed, August Rush, The Invisible), you know what an incredible actor he is and how he completely inhabits whatever role he takes on. I can’t wait to see this movie!

  5. MariaMoonlight says:

    This is such exciting news. I love Alex O’Loughlin and can’t wait to see him shine once more.

  6. Elena_81 says:

    I never would miss a film with Alex O Loughlin! He’s a so talented actor! He did many different characters and he’s great in every role! I Love him, he’s just perfect! Can’t wait to see this film!

  7. Irina says:

    Do not imagine who better to play the role of Alex O’Loughlin romantic hero! It is high time to open his way into a great movie. A huge talent potential, a huge talent, charisma and charm of the sea. Before you criticize, you must first look at his work, and then only to draw conclusions. If an actor is not so well known, as the majority of well “stars”, it does not mean that he will play worse than they are. Alex, do not pay attention to the vicious criticism, move forward!

  8. moonlightaddicted says:

    I discovered Alex interpreting Mick, of vampire in Moonlight, but later I have seen him in his other roles and it is outstanding in everything what it does. He is the actor with more talent that I have seen in my life. And in his new movie I am sure that it will do a big role. I cannot hope that to see him…. we love you Alex!!!

  9. lanouette says:

    Alex is a gorgeous and talented actor.
    He didn’t appear on screen since the cabcellation of Moonlight and I believe that 2009 will be Alex’s year.
    He will be guest appearing on the Criminal Mind episode “The Big Wheel” on April 29, he is currently shooting in the CBS pilot “Three Rivers” (fingers crossed for 3R to be picked up for this fall), he will appear in “Whiteout” in September and with “The Backup Plan”, he makes us fans so happy.
    So go Alex, you so deserve it!!!!!!

  10. Via says:

    Charming, talented, sexy, funny – this is Alex! His knew and loved in many countries around the world, he is sunny man. And I am confident that this film will be very successful and will become a new step in the career of Alex!

  11. MichaelC2B says:

    Same here – if Alex O’Loughlin is in it, I am there! This is going to be a great year for Alex’s fans after Moonlight was so stupidly cancelled. First his guest starring role on Criminal Minds on 4/29/09, his pilot for Three Rivers (I just KNOW that will picked up for the fall!), WhiteOut may finally open in theaters on 9/25/09 – and now The Back-Up Plan. I have all of Alex’s work on DVD – TV and movies – and this man can do no wrong on film! He is always brilliant, and he always outshines the rest of the cast. If you haven’t already, do yourself a favor and get his movies on DVD – like Oyster Farmer, FEED, Mary Bryant and more – and of course Moonlight and the 6th season of The Shield are on DVD now.
    I love Alex O’Loughlin, and I love that he is finally getting some of the recognition in the US that he deserves. Alex is a star, and the biggest names in Hollywood are going to be lining up to be cast with him. I know that I will be 1st in line to see anything that he does.

  12. mizzoH says:

    “The Back-Up Plan” will certainly be a turning point in Alex’s career and I’m all for it! As he has already proved in his previous TV and film work, Alex is simply magic on film and this movie is a great opportunity for a wider audience to get to know what his fans already know he’s capable of. I’m very happy for Alex that his career is progressing at the speed of light and look forward to seeing this movie as well as his appearance on “Criminal Minds”, “Three Rivers” (which of course is going to make CBS’s fall lineup) and “Whiteout” which we can finally see in September.

  13. Ebbie says:

    Alex O’Loughlin will be perfect in the new film. He is simply an incredible actor, his facial expressions alone are a joy to behold. It’s high time he was recognised for the fine actor he is. I hope this is the start of something huge for him.

  14. Samantha77 says:

    Alex will shine in whatever role he plays. He is a great talent and so wonderful to look at.

  15. LisaAnn says:

    This is happy news! I know from watching Alex’s other work that he will be brilliant in this movie as well.
    He’s one of those actors you can count on for a great story and acting. He owns whatever role he plays. I’ll be there!

  16. Bianca33 says:

    Drop dead gorgeous and super talented can only begin to describe Alex O’Loughlin. I am so happy that he will soon be “discovered” by many others. There is no doubt in my mind that he will soon become a true legend!

  17. SoN2Alex(Deana) says:

    This is great news! Alex is incredible and I can’t wait to see this beautiful man back on the big screen where he belongs…Watch out ladies, be prepared to fall in love. The man is MAGIC!!!

  18. FangFan62 says:

    I’ll be there! Alex has a lot to offer a movie like this and I can’t wait to see this.

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