MOON Movie Trailer & Pictures with Sam Rockwell

Sandrine Sahakians

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4 Responses

  1. David Dodge says:

    Looks good but predictable based on trailers and screenshots i think.
    My guess is They probably used clones due to the hard radiation a worker there would build up over time working/living on the moon. The workers are all clones – the original spacemen are dead or back on earth – they are paid for the use of their dna/training (assuming they can implant memories here). One screenshot shows a large bay with body shaped compartments – there are at least 100-150 of the body compartments and one of the worker clones is opening the body slot.

    The problems he is having could be related to radiation or a built in tailored virus that will kill the clone once it reaches 3 years old.

    Im guessing he calls his family in the trailer and is shocked when it seems like 20-30 years have passed back on earth and his family has aged.

    The villain: Evil, Cold blooded Corporations etc and the earths thirst for cheap energy (this time via helium 3 fusion). This way they also cut down on required life support to and from the earth (except for the helium 3. It would also explain why such an operation could be run by just one man. in the event of an accident, you just unfreeze a clone etc.

  2. Anna says:

    It is a pity that there are so many major Moon-spoilers posted online, including its trailer and images like the one above (forth from top). The movie is great, but it relies on the surprise effect.
    I hadn’t read anything about Moon before seeing it the first time. The text on the DVD cassette was cool…. said everything in an indirect way without giving anything away in neither text nor images. It appeared to be about what happened to the guy’s mind after 3 years of isolation. That’s they way the movie should be seen, with an open mind, free of major spoilers. 

    OK it is worth seeing anyway. After all the surprise elements only work the first time, and it is the kind of movie that is worth seeing many times… if for nothing else then Sam Rockwell’s master performance, the eerie landscape and music and the emphatic, addictive voice of Gerty, the base’s computer (voiced by Kevin Spacey). 

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