WILD TARGET Movie Picture with Rupert Grint

Sandrine Sahakians

Sandrine has been a film lover for as long as she can remember. From actions films to rom com to indies, Sandrine pretty much enjoys every type of films, apart from horror movies. She’s always on the lookout for great films suggestions and is open to try anything… that is except for horror films ;)

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5 Responses

  1. Val says:

    I LOVE Rupert Grint!
    I cant wait to see this movie! It has such great actors and the plot is brilliant!

  2. usman says:

    I LOVE Emily Blunt in to my HEARTS
    AND i just waiting for this pleasant movie
    keep it emily blunt

  3. brittany says:

    i can’t wait to see this movie. i’m glad to see rupert branching out and doing other things. & this really do sounds like a good movie to watch. i also can’t wait to see ruperts other movie, cherrybomb!

  4. Ellen says:

    Love Emily and Bill!
    Rupert, not so much!

  5. saman says:

    i love emily blunt very very hard.she is best.
    i whatch all emily’s movie.