THE LAST AIRBENDER – Jackson Rathbone as Sokka Pictures

Sandrine Sahakians

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27 Responses

  1. Zach says:

    Hey I TOTALLY agree with most of the stuff n this article! Only thing though, Sokka’s “slapstick humor” is being for the most part cut. Insted, the movie will focus more on emotional build up (Prob because most of the time Sokka’s humor was “filler” and kinda overly goofy). I also hear that Suki will most likely have a larger role in the movie than she did in the series, which hints to me that Sokki (Sokka+Suki)will be explored in a much larger way than in the show. But idk, I am sure he will not be “dull”, and he might have a little Sokka-like remark (more mature humor most likely) every here and there! LOL Can’t wait for this movie though!!!

  2. Corey says:

    I was an Avatar fan from the very beginning and one of the things I loved about the animated series was the wardrobe each nation had. In this picture of Sokka is wearing brown clothes, but throughout the series he wears blue to represent the water nation. I really hope he, and Katara, wear more blue in the movies.

  3. Lesssss says:

    he doesn’t look a darn thing like Sokka! Would it have been so hard to find an actor that isn’t Caucasian?!?!? God forbid there be a movie with a person of color as the main character….

    • Rachel says:

      Um, Aang is the main character… not Sokka.

    • Kate says:

      Who really cares what the race is? Maybe Hollywood just couldn’t find anyone in that race good enough? It’s just a movie anyway, are you really going to care about this in 20 years?

  4. Ami says:

    i was worried at first about then casting for sokka but it looks ok to me now hope the movies good (accually i pray the movies good!)

  5. John says:

    I have low expectations for this movie but am nonetheless excited. The transition from cartoon to real people is going to be rocky, and I think the fans and the creators (of the show and movie) were very aware of this. And I don’t mind the lack of blue. Unless there are blue-skinned walrus-bears (and maybe there are in Avatar world)or polar indigo gardens, it doesn’t make much sense for there to be blue clothes.

  6. micket sparks says:

    come on people. he looks nothing like sokka .
    1. he’s Caucasian (not being racist but sokka’s Inuit)
    2.sokka is comic relief
    3.he does look on brown not blue
    is it that bad that people of color are just not that good to star in a big budget Hollywood movie but since there’s theres nothing i can do about it i really hope its good cuz its mine and my brothers favorite show

  7. julee says:

    Rathbone’s the bomb.

  8. Mary says:

    Jackson is gonna do great cant wait for the movie

  9. Theresa says:

    I understand that there is some problem with the race of the casting, but lets not make that something to really stress about. And the more realistic. It would look like a cheap movie if they make the costumes exactly how the series were. Lets be real people…a transition from an animated series to a real live movie will have some changes.

  10. Jerry says:

    What are you talking about. You obviously are not a big fan of sokka if you think jackson rathbone fits his part. M Night totally screwed up the cast for the water nation so far (not to mention the others). They’re not caucasian. And if M. Night had to cast caucasians then at least have them look similar to the character (blue eyes, black hair). Megan Fox would make a better katara then the girl they cast (not really but you get my point). All I gotta say is I hope their acting can make up for the lack of accuracy in looks…even the clothing. The big thing with me wasn’t even that they didn’t have blue clothing but the fact that they had brown fur instead of white. What animal in the poles has brown fur? And its not like they couldn’t get access to dyes. I mean they did have the ability to travel. I am so skeptical that this movie is going to be good (besides the special effects). Its such a disappointment too cuz it is such a good series. Anyone who thinks Rathbone is gonna be good I’ll bet is a fan of the twilight series

    • Glaucy says:

      /\ I agree

    • Kate says:

      Actually, some wolves have brown fur. Or foxes. Fox’s fur changes with the seasons up there.

    • clarrrrr says:

      um firstly they are ACTORS! it doesnt matter what race they are or what they wear there job is to become the characters. Jackson Rathbone had starred in films other than Twilight so maybe you should realize that he has fans so deal with it. and Avatar was an american cartoon so its an american cast, the film CAN’T BE THE EXACT SAME AS THE SERIES because how can you fit all of it into a couple of movies?! Think about Harry Potter and how much they had to change for that?? and that was only a couple of books! It’s impossible! Be glad that they even made a movie at all! And MEGAN FOX??? Really!? she’s way to old to play katara anyway, afterall isn’t katara supposed to be modest? they work so hard to make these films for us and people like you don’t even appreciate it..

    • Jerry says:

      You obviously didn’t read my post very thoroughly if you think I was being serious about megan fox. And I said nothing about the movie being exactly the same as the series. At this point I’m pretty happy about the movie but all I have to say to you is (since you referenced harry potter) what if they cast an asian or indian as harry for those movies? That would so throw off the movie because harry is clearly white from the covers of the books. My point is that M. Night had the series to reference. sokka and katara clearly aren’t white. that was my point. And shut up about them “making movies for us” the only reason they make movies is to make money on them. Avatar has a big fan base so they’re obviously going to capitalize on it.

  11. Ashley says:

    OMFG! he’s amazing!!!! I think they did sooooo good.

    • Kate says:

      Also, I think you’re a little too critical. So what if the only people who like Jackson Rathbone are Twi-hards? In the end, it’ll bring more money for the movie. It’ll be a big hit and they’ll make more of the series. So chillax.

  12. Michelle *PR* says:

    OMG! just perfect! I saw the movie trailer and I was so shocked at how good it looked! I’m a huge fan of the series and seeing the development that the movie has gotten is just mind blowing! I can’t wait to see the final work in theaters! Even thought Jackson might not looked as the first good option for the movie, since we have seen him in the Twilight series, i have to say that i have seen interviews and behind the scene footage from Twilight ans New Moon and he is so funny that finally i just fell in love with him. i just hope that he can connect to the audience the same way Sokka did,I MEAN SOKKA IS THE COOLEST FROM THE SERIES! CAN’T WAIT!!! *squeals*

  13. Jason says:

    i understand that he may be a good actor, but i was looking forward to like some inuit/ native american actors for the water tribe….since i myself am Tsalagi (Cherokee).

  14. (L)(L)(L) says:

    ok i like the cartoon but whats with the hairstyle?jackson rathbone just looks weird but hes still my second fav characters in twilight and i just love his blond hair in the movie but serioiusly jackson just looks werid

  15. (L)(L)(L) says:

    oh and btw im a totally twi-hard!!!(L)

  16. KT says:

    Okay, so I was a little disappointed when, in casting, they cast the only person of color as Zuko, who, next to Aang, was probably the whitest guy (skin tone) in the TV series. But I’m getting over that.
    Then I was skeptical about Rathbone because I’ve only seen him in Disney 411, where he had short snippets, and then as the quiet, in the background Jasper Hale in Twilight. So I honestly wasn’t sure Rathbone could pull off the famous Sokka humor that was fairly critical in lightening up dark times during the TV series. But then I watched a few of Rathbone’s behind the scenes features from Twilight and some of his interviews and I’m more convinced that, when required, he can act like a goof-ball, or he can be serious.
    I think the transition from a cartoon to real-life is going to be hard. I first saw the brown parkas and I thought “This is going to be a complete bomb”. But if you think about it, how likely is it that EVERYONE wears the same colors depending on the nation? Just because I live in America doesn’t mean I got around wearing red, white, and blue everyday. And it makes sense that maybe the parkas wouldn’t be dyed, especially since the Southern Water Tribe was fairly cut off.
    So I guess, I’m looking forward to this movie. I got into the original series because I’m a martial artist and I loved how the makers incorporated a different martial art in the bending styles. And this movie looks like it will have no lack of bending OR martial arts. So I’m excited. Yes, there will be things lost in the transition. You won’t have those wierd anime-like expressions that inspired humor. It will be darker, because it’s M. Night, and it’s real life. There probably won’t be as many jokes, but hopefully there will be a few.
    I think the transition from cartoon (almost anime) to real-life is something we all have to keep in mind when we look at this movie and compare it to the series.
    P.S. And casting is over, so can we all stop lamenting the lack of mixed races? I doubt anyone’s going to decide to re-cast and reshoot the entire movie because we here, on a blog, are annoyed with it.

  17. Natasha says:

    Man I wish everyone would chill out about the whole race thing. How about we actually watch the movie before we say whether it’s crap or not? Going along with a whole lot of baggage about the casting just means that a lot of fans will ruin the movie for themselves (if, as I hope, it IS good). I think the casting of Sokka and Katara looks ok. The blue eyes are an important distinguishing feature of the Water Tribe and I don’t think people realise that they can’t have it both ways – i.e. if you know anything about genetics, you’ll know that people of Inuit and Asian descent can’t have blue eyes, and blue contacts on people with brown eyes just look fake and creepy. So then you’d be complaining about the “look” of these two important characters. Ergo, you can’t have it both ways. Just wait to see the movie before you judge it. And perhaps base it on its content and the actors’ abilities. Personally, I’m looking forward to it!

    • Jerry says:

      Except theres the little fact that they don’t have blue eyes in the movie.. have you even seen the trailers out yet? I’m pretty sure those of us who are (or in my case were) mad about race weren’t concerned with the eye color being the main issue. It was the fact that they were caucasian when clearly in the show they weren’t. But after seeing the trailers I think its gonna be good and I’ve gotten over it. It looks like its gonna be sweet and there is a lot of diversity in it from the looks of it

  18. Hannah says: