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Sandrine has been a film lover for as long as she can remember. From actions films to rom com to indies, Sandrine pretty much enjoys every type of films, apart from horror movies. She’s always on the lookout for great films suggestions and is open to try anything… that is except for horror films ;)

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  • victoria

    ok so i have read all 5 books and i think the teser looks really good and they picked the perfect luke

  • tippy

    Go to percy jackson fanfiction, go to humor as the genre and read the noob chronicles of camp half-mortal. It is exactly as the movie will be. sadly…

  • Half-Blood Hero

    Okay, so…. I’ve read all the books and have been a fan for a while. And if there’s one thing that bothers me, it’s when they don’t pick actors that look similar to those in the book. Like in Eragon, (ugg!! don’t even get me started there.)

    I mean, you can’t be that picky with everything, but there are some requests that are really simple. Grover is black?!! I’m in no way trying to be racist, but Grover quite frankly is not black! Not just a little difference. And Annabeth is suppose to be blond! If they really want that girl, who looks like 20 anyway, the least they could do is die her hair!!

    I could go on, but, meh, whatever -_- . Just like Eragon, it’s gonna suck, and they might not even make a second, like Eragon.

  • funnysun11

    the actors are all wrong especially 4 grover, annabeth, hades, and ares no offense 2 any1 but hes just 2 fat uhh

  • esther

    I’ve read the books and they are uh-mazing!! I am concerned if this movie will end up just like eragon did… crap Buuuut hopefully it will be good. The trailer looks amazing looks can be deiceiving tho.
    I do like MOST of the cast. Percy is GREAT (I loved him in hoot)but i HATE annabeth! She’s NOT blond and doesn’t even look athletic or anything! I do agree with the grover thing, i mean black? not being racest just concerned.I think they chose a good chiron too!
    If this movie ends up good, I’m hoping to see the rest of the books in movies and in theaters!!

  • Annabeth


  • pigeluvr330^o^

    o my god!! other peeps have read eragon!! oops. off topic back 2 PJO. O MY BEEEEEEEEEP GOD!!! ALEXANDRA DIDDARIO?!?!?! seriously? ive read all the books and had high hopes (obviously 2 high) 4 this movie but this? ugh. geez.

    i cant bleve it. logan lerman is HOT and grover is uh… iffy and omg. theres been gossip bout the other characters and arrrrrrrrg!!!!! how much can this dude mess up?! i have such lower hopes for this movie then i thought possible. its fuckin crap (exuse my languge)….

  • amia

    WTH?! She doesnt even have blonde hair, much less curly! They have this new invention! It’s called a CURLING IRON! WTH?! A lot of people are saying “Oh, they casted her because she’s a good actress and all that stuff for the part!” REAllY?

  • amia

    If she was good for the part then she would have no problem dying her hair or atlest wearing a wig….


  • ashley

    I hate Annabeth!!! they should have chosen annasophia Rob for that part!! Im so pissed she is like my favorite character and they are ruining her! is it that hard to have an actor were a blond wig!!! WTH!!

  • persues

    i swear are they tring toruinin my movie.they got a girl who isnt blond playing annabeth nwo that is just a discrace to the books.and whats with a black grover i didnt expect that did u.i was also not trying to be racist,but come on.i really was hoping that the movie would of been just as great as the books all five of them.

    they really should of cast the people a lot better. BUT THE PERSON PLAYING PERCY IS GREAT. BUT I AM STILL GONNA SEE THE MOVIE I WANT TO SEE FOR MY SELF IF THE MOVIE IS WORTH WATCHING AND SEE THE OTHERS IF THEY MAKE ANYMORE.i really hope they can pull this movie as it stands.

  • persues


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  • Sam

    Ugh, I wish they would have looked into the book for the character things. I wish I could see the others, but Percy is PERFECT! The others… not so much. I haven’t seen Chiron or Luke, but I hope they’re a little better than the freaking brunette Annabeth or the black Grover (not to be racist or anything…) No offense to anyone, though, of course.


    • Lilliey

      it was F-I-N-E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • khaira

    I’ve read the book and i really like it..And im happy to see it in movie but like the other’s comments they have to look into the book to see the characters.. And please don’t make grover black..Damn, the writer described each character perfectly, stick to readers dont get disappointed to see the movie expecting it to be great as the book all five of them..

  • Lilliey

    First off,pepole who didnt like the movie are stupid.IT WAS EVERITHING I IMAGIND!DEAL W-I-T-T I-T!!!!!