Top 10 Christmas Movies of 2009

Sandrine Sahakians

Sandrine has been a film lover for as long as she can remember. From actions films to rom com to indies, Sandrine pretty much enjoys every type of films, apart from horror movies. She’s always on the lookout for great films suggestions and is open to try anything… that is except for horror films ;)

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  • Jose Alvarez

    Can’t wait for Avatar, the trailer was awesome. Not so sure about 2012, that trailer looked way too much Michael Bayish to be any good.

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  • sam

    Interesting list. I would have put Avatar in 1st position though although with Twilight being the biggest movie of the year, I don’t know anymore.

    the movie I am most excited to see is Sherlock holmes though.

  • jessie

    I am so glad that finally there is some recognition for Twilight as a top christmas 2009 movie and you guys called it months ago. I wish other movie blogs would recognize instead of hatin. Twilight rocks.

  • Hal Spence

    Twilight? Really? Twilight cannot be #1 on your christmas movie list. I think that Invictus would have been a much better choice.

  • Jon

    I agree with Hal. Twilight as # 1 Christmas Movie of 2009 is a bit of a stretch. My top 3 go like this:

    Sherlock Holmes

  • na7

    i wouldn’t consider movies coming out in november to be christmas movies but oh well. i guess i’ll be seeing sherlock holmes christmas day, can’t wait.