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Americ Ngwije

Americ's movie watching experience has to be entertaining, so mostly anything with explosions will do, and having Jason Statham in them is always a plus. Then there are the odd men out aka "Meet Joe Black" and "In the Land of Women," go figure…

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26 Responses

  1. stud says:

    I was really looking forward to this movie. And it so did not make it to our city. Im sure that i am not the only person that is disappointed in the 505. Please Please hoping that it will make it to our city. Spoke to alot of people and they are just as anxious as I am. Thank you.

  2. Hare says:

    I watched the movie last night and at the end was left with the feeling that even with all the good intentions what would come later for Precious and her children would be severe economic hardship. The remnants of welfare ended by Clinton in the eighties hurt all the Precious out there making the chances of a single obese, black illitare sixteen yr old with a down syndrome and an infant become almost nill. The other feeling I had is that abuse being so widespread and non discriminating was but a stroke of luck for Precious. Precious could mend herself for she knew at sixteen her abusers and had no issues cutting the umbilical chord to start anew. In other words because of the lack of education of her abusers they could not develop sophisticated methods to make her crazy. The reality of many abused victims is that the crazymaking prevents them from escaping an abusive situation and you find them in horrific situations twenty thirty and forty years later. The film is very real so if fantasy is your thing don’t bother to watch it.

  3. Dr Doug says:

    I worked in a place called Benton Harbor, Michigan for 20 years and saw “Precious” all the time. Unfortunately, aside from the abstract feeling of how bad and wrong these situations can be, the sad fact is that the black community doesn’t care.

    You have a nice new car – your neighbor will steal your rims. While you’re out buying a Christmas tree – somebody from down the block will be stealing you VCR and TV. You’re in high school and like a guy – have his baby. I asked a black girl about this one time and she told me that they had no sense of community- it was everyone for themselves.

    You have a baby at 14 – your church will help you get food and diapers. But there is NEVER a word about how perhaps this might not be the thing to do. And, of course, now you have to drop out of school to take care of the baby. Unfortunately in the black communities of our country this is a never-ending vicious circle.

  4. joseph says:

    Precious will DEFINITELY be in a theater close to everyone soon! this is a great site: -shows all the cities/theaters its playing in next weekend. If your city’s not there keep checking back, they add locations all the time..

  5. Jennifer says:

    ii went && seen Precious && althought majority of the things in the movie never happened to me,ii was very distraught.The fact that she went thru so much && still managed to kinda make it out of her situation…somewhat soothed me but in real life,after all that..its like then what???Ii gave the movie 4 thumbs up && thought that it really did she the hardships && struggles that some of us blacks went thru at that time…

  6. Chloe says:

    They advertised this movie all throug october in San Diego, only to not show it here. It was released November 20th in Orange county, long beach and one mall an hour away from me. I still see plenty commercials. Why make me want to see it wait a month then tell me my money is not good engough. why would I travel and hour when there is a movie theatre 10 minutes( walking)from my house. Is this stupidity on their part and did it show up in the development of the movie? Or is this a group of snobs who want to praise themselves by flaunting their brilliant work in your face.

    It is the only movie that I wanted to see. I don’t understand why there are three versions of some holiday cartoon ,that I don’t care to remember, showing, but no Precious.

  7. Cynthia says:

    I thought this movie was horrible, very surprised it was endorsed by Oprah and Tyler Perry. It was very graphic, nothing heart warming or good occurred and it left me sick to my stomach. I walked out of the theater stunned, as did most people. It’s a tragedy, no heart warming moments, and nothing good added to anyone by watching it. Sad that someone thought this need to be shared, I agree this is out there and happens. I was suprised people brought their children, as small as 3 years old into see this.

  8. Danielle Josephine says:

    “You should really stop getting all hyped up about fat, pregnant, good for nothing nigger coming of age stories like hers. Of course they always resort to racis…m when they don’t have a storyline for a movie about a black chick. It glorifies the racism, which is like exploitation, if I may say so myself. And of course in the end the english teacher teaches her to find her self confidence in writing, just like any other movie about struggling black teens. By the end of the movie they learn they’re worth more than what they are, whether it be gangsters shooting guns or baby mamas. Piece of Shite.” – Danielle Tullo, Oakvillian

  9. Courizma says:

    Man…… this movie is soooo sad…. One bad thing after another.

    I wanna kill monique so bad for wat she did in that movie…. but i know she was just acting..
    She called precious baby retarded ass and the baby had down sendrum…..

    One bad thing after another

  10. Ruby Stargell says:

    My friend and I had to go to another closeby city to view “precious”. This movie really did enlightened me and brought me to the fact that I knew people who were just like Monique and just wrote it off as Thats just the way they are. I think in the black community we need to be more educated about mental illness and try to save some of these children who are subjected to the disease. White people are hip to it. They are the first ones sometimes to pinpoint it whether it is occurring in our households are not.

  11. Disenchanted Viewer says:

    Atrocious movie!!!!!!!! This movie doesn’t deserve any star ratings. The movie had so many gaps. Therefore, the movie didn’t have a great sequence of events. The daydreaming scenes were horrific and too frequent. It was as if the daydreaming scenes were fillers to extend the movie because it was obvious the movie was lacking story and plot. Also, the profanity was excessive and unnecessary (maybe the profanity were fillers as well). I DO NOT recommend this movie to anyone! I hope the book was better. Or maybe the book was horrible too and that’s why the film was deplorable. It was a waste of money (a sequel will be ridiculous)!

  12. Jacquelyn says:

    Stories like this is real everyday, a lot of people just dont want to face the truth. Precious is awaking for many people and young girls or boys that are heading down the same path. We are can sit back and place judgement on people but until you have walked into Precious shoes or anyone else in the movie how can you much such nasty comments. It is what it is, and that’s life, blacks are not the only ones going through this – so do whites. People better wake up and smell the coffee because whether or not you want to a say whats going on in your life, a family member or a friend it happens.

    I have seen all of Tyler Perrys plays and movies, and he does a wonderful job. Whats real is real so face the fact or keep your negative to yourself. Everyone can sit around and watch the sick reality shows but do not want to understand or visit real life experiences. I believe this is a wakeup call for everyone and for our kids who are seeking help, and for these mothers who rather put a man in place of your own child.

    Well done to all the cast members, we need more movies like this to wake people up and give them real life to think about. Mothers and Fathers need to step up and take responsibility or stop having kids that you dont want to love and raise.

  13. Joel says:

    I was amazed that the theater was packed with little children and their 19 year old mothers. Is this subject matter that these parents deem appropriate for toddlers and 13 year olds? The typical talk at the screen “awww sheet” moments from a crowd of theatregoers that can’t grasp the subject matter.

  14. Elaine says:

    This movie shows why the black community has such a difficult time getting out of the poverty and child abuse environment. I could never imagine the way the mother as well as the grandmother treated Prescious. There is no culture that would allow the incest, abuse and negativity. No wonder so many blacks continue the horrible world that existed in the movie. There are people in the movie who would help if the youngsters allowed them to help. I walked out deeply distubed!

  15. Eric says:

    Elaine, I have to disagree with your comment. the dire predicament of this character has all to do with socio-economic situation she is surrounded by and NOT by her race.

    This story can happen to anybody from any race. Believing that there is no white, asian or latina girl out there suffering a fate similar to that is naive at best and plain hypocritical at worst.

  16. Delilah says:

    I realize this is reality for some people, but everything that is a reality is not movie worthy. Minus getting past the overuse of profanity, there was nothing “provoking” about this moving (except the over use of profanity.) Much of it didn’t make sense (the babbling the mother did about not wanting her baby to s-ck her breast behind her “man”…I didn’t understand the “vampire” thing and I didn’t the point of why Ms Weiss required knowing about the incest or “I’ll cut your welfare off”. That’s not even a requirement to get welfare (specifics about how a person got pregnated.) Some aspects were stretched (what nurse gives a teen $20, or comes to a personal function? I wasn’t clear if she was daydreaming that part again or if it really happened. Speaking of daydreaming…at least be more realistic and daydream that you’re thin…) I am an Afr Amer and I did not like this movie. I felt that there was nothing inpriring about it, it lacked a plot, true acting (being yourself is not acting…)and once again, it was another depth lacking Tyler Perry movie that happened in a “one-room” set. I will be glad when TP decides to make TRUE inspiring movies about blacks that don’t portray us as hopeless, desperate, silly, Amos & Andy coons. The coonery is not funny any more (never has been) and this movie stooped well below degrading – Especially when there was not a sense of hope at the end. How inspiring is it to portray a 16 girl with AIDS leaving behind a special needs kid on the steps of society after she dies? Saying “I’m gonna make it” is not inspiring until you see how she DOES make it. Pointless movie.

  17. Delilah says:

    I agree with Danielle – this movie was pure exploitation and anyone who admits it will soon be labeled a racist or a “hater” of Tyler Perry or Oprah. They need to get over their billions long enough to get back in touch with reality to know that just because this happens (in isolated instances) that doesn’t mean you need to make a movie about it like you have some God-given responsibility to bring about “awareness”. That’s what they call it: “Awareness”. Awareness without proactive involvement to induce positive change is Exploitation. Heck, build a school in America for African American girls since this is such a “issue”. No one needs to go all the way to Africa to build a darn school if you claim that this movie is such a reality here in a America among black teens. I am not implying that the African girls are any less. We ALL are valuable and deserve to be reached out to. But stop doing every sern thing for a photo op and a movie deal and be involved in some real issues instead of exploiting them. The girl who played to role of Precious was exploited if you ask me. The script-writers/producers whoever… apparently just went looking for a fat girl(non-actress) and said she’d be good for a movie. “Just be yourself”. That’s exploitation of a person’s obesity. Uggh. I can’t say how much I am horrified by this movie. It was horrible and like someone said above, in the end I was CONFUSED, like “what just happend?”

  18. Possible PTSD says:

    The movie messed w/ my soul a little. I seriously think I have PTSD from watching it. It was depressing… not necessarily b/c of what happened, but because the ending was not good. I’ve watched depressing movies where the main character “prevailed” in the end. Precious did NOT seem like her life was going to get any better when the movie ended. In fact, it appeared it may get much worse! I mean, seriously, where was she headed w/ those kids?! But hey, maybe that’s the way life will end for some of us & I should face reality… The movie was a bit much. Also, Precious was writing to her teacher telling her all of the stuff that was going on b/f the dad was dead… Why would she just let it go on w/o reporting it?

  19. Danielle says:

    I am an african american woman, and i can honestly sat i thought the movie was grutesque and disguisting. My mother my 15yr old sister, and i went to see it together thinking it would be uplifting and eye opening since it was supported by oprah, but i walked out the first 30min of the movie, i was sick to my stomach and disturbed for the rest of the night. i understand that this actually happens in the world today but i do not think this should have been turned into a movie. And joesophine your ingnorance is showing beneath your pride, nigger movie really? you took it that far.

  20. Jacquelyn says:

    Come on guys get a grip – whether you want to belive it or not it happens. And just because Oprah and Tyler Perry have money who are you to tell them how to spend it. And who are you to judge, if you don’t like it, just like anything else then oh well, to each it’s own. then you want to play the race card, well speaking about what Oprah did in Africa for the girls vs here in the US – its her money and she can spend it anyway she wants too. Everyone keep talking about race, but that is coming from the ones making the comment.

    Whether you want to say it or not it happens. And I beleive this is a wakeup call to make people more aware and to let young girls like Precious never to give up. Yes some of the lauguage could have been left out but the movie is letting people know just how real it is, and it happens.

  21. Jacquelyn says:

    Come on guys get a grip – And just because Oprah and Tyler Perry have money who are you to tell them how to spend it. And who are you to judge, if you don’t like it, just like anything else then oh well, to each it’s own. then you want to play the race card, well speaking about what Oprah did in Africa for the girls vs here in the US – its her money and she can spend it anyway she wants too. Everyone keep talking about race, but that is coming from the ones making the comment.

    Whether you want to say it or not it happens. And I beleive this is a wakeup call to make people more aware and to let young girls like Precious never to give up. Yes some of the lauguage could have been left out but the movie is letting people know just how real it is, and it happens.

  22. Delilah says:

    I never made a judgment about how they should spend their money. Also, they are not the only black Entrepreneurs in America WITH money. Everyone who has obtained wealth is not on TV. Theere are those such as myself who use my financial resources to be IN the community and in the schools and elsewhere to make a difference. That is not to imply that Oprah and Tyler have not made a difference (somewhere…in another country….) but it almost seems as if their differences are not apparent enough in situations they continue to exploit. YES Tyler has money, but who has contributed to that wealth? Certainly not European American; but Af American who go to the theaters to see themselves (ourselves) played out like fools everytime. We are either portrayed as women who are dependent on the wrong man (pick ANY play…same script, different set), ignorant and uneducated (Mr. Brown), ghetto (Madea), drama laden (Vera/Jennifer Lewis), can’t think past religion (Cora) – My point is that these are steriotypes and very “1-dimensional” characters in his productions. The reason issues and movies such as this continue to reflect back on “race” is becasue our “race” (Tyler Perry) are the only race exploiting ourselves repeatedly in box office hit movies. Black people have made these people rich based dramatizing their hardship. So you like seeing your drama played out THAT much that you’ll pay to go see what you can walk in any welfare office across America to see for free? WOW.

    You were right about one thing, “to each his own”….I have a CHOICE to support anything I don’t like. This was the first time I ever paid to see a Tyler Perry movie because his work hasn’t proven to be worth anything beyond a P2P Limewire download. So Billionaire? Absolutely Yes clap-clap-clap….we’re proud. And he must feel great knowing he became one by explioting the pains of his own people. Hater? Absolutely No. Do what makes you money. Heck…everybody got a hustle now a days. Even the churches. But he won’t be using my money again to make MORE money exploiting black OR white people, disabled children, obese people or women who are hurting becasue they met the wrong man in life. This is the first and last TP movie I’ll pay to view.

  23. Delilah says:

    Sp – Theere: There / steriotypes: stereotypes (Sorry)

  24. Jacquelyn says:

    Great Delilah – its better that you do not watch anymore of his moovies. Sound like the movie may have it a soft spot with you 🙂

  25. Jacquelyn says:

    SP – movie

  26. Sirena says:

    After I saw this movie, I knew I needed to say something, anything. If I had lived just one day in Precious’ shoes, would I have hung in there, would I have pulled out of the miserable life I was leading, or would I have let “them” convince me I was worthless? All I know, is that despite any hardship I’ve been through, and I won’t compare myself to the story of this woman, I’m going to recount my blessings. I watched this movie and walked away a little taller, prouder, smarter and richer. I’ve got everything I need, and I need to remind myself about that every especially when I think I have it tough. I need to be strong for those who need me more. This movie makes you want to give back.