BROTHERS New Movie Trailer with Tobey Maguire & Jake Gyllenhaal

Americ Ngwije

Americ's movie watching experience has to be entertaining, so mostly anything with explosions will do, and having Jason Statham in them is always a plus. Then there are the odd men out aka "Meet Joe Black" and "In the Land of Women," go figure…

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19 Responses

  1. claudia says:

    looks sooo good! jake is sexy!

  2. R says:

    Terrible movie! The war is still happening and people are still dying, so why are we making movies about the death of soldiers and the trying times that military families go through every day!!!!! No one made movies about WWI or WWII until 10 – 20 years later, after the wars were over; why are we making movies of Iraq when its still happening!!! No one really knows a good military family that sacrifice for all of you. What have you sacrificed for??? This terrible movie?? Terrible movie, terrible thoughts by producers to make it, terrible actors to choose to make it!! This military family is sad to realize what the world is coming to. I’m assuming that none of these people have ever served their country to know this real pain!!

  3. lisa says:

    Wow!! Finally!!! I remember when they were filming this up here. I have been waiting to see it. Definately looks like a great storyline. Cant wait!!!

  4. camo says:

    Hey R you are terrible, my family, my wife and myself have all served over seas recently. I think this movie will be great and will show what a lot of military families really go through just like jarhead. Jarhead wasn’t great but it was very realistic. So stop being such a bleeding heart and actually go out and do something about what you believe in as I have and stop judging thing you have no knowledge of. I cant wait to see this movie!!!

  5. R says:

    I am a military spouse you idiot! Why don’t we all work on getting out of a war instead of making money off it, in the movies! Where is the real life in that! The military is getting smaller and more people keep dying for a war that is never ending – think of that! Real life is all americans standing up for themselves and defending our country, not just acting like one on TV. This movie is just showing infidelity in marriage, is that what we want a military family to look like? We are stronger than this movie is portraying and at least Jarhead was written by someone who served, this movie is not.

  6. Balcony Fool says:

    R, there were loads of WWII films made during the war. Here’s an extensive list:

    With regards to this film, it doesn’t look like the war is the narrative focus of the film, it’s simply a plausible device to put the drama in motion, so settle down a bit, yeah?

    At any rate, art is and always has been an important and effective way of commenting on social issues. How is making a film any different than writing an editorial, broadcasting a news story, publishing a biography, or — for that matter — posting your comments on a blog? It’s simply another way of expressing a viewpoint, and arguably one of the most potent.’

    Finally, which are you suggesting? That military families don’t experience infidelity, or that we should pretend it doesn’t exist?

  7. B says:

    this is a great movie. cant wait to see it.
    people need to see these things so they know whats going on!
    lets open our eyes and see what really is going on!
    we dont need to hide !

  8. Better than B says:

    Ouch, B, you just got served.

  9. Joel says:

    I wish they’d quit using the trailer that makes it look like a horror movie. I saw one in the theatre that painted Tobey Maguire in a more sympathetic light…I hope the story is more nuanced than the bogey man trailer I just saw. Or maybe not. maybe he’s a zombie.

    Two different trailers, two different movies: only one of which I’m excited about watching.

  10. Joel says:

    but I AM excited…so that’s something.

  11. camo says:

    So being a military spouse you know that the statistics say that 70% of all military marriages end in divorce… just saying. Facts are facts, your spouse is out there just like I was(recently) and your blaming Hollywood? For what? trying to make money just like the media, just like the united states arms dealers, just like everyone else in the world. So just chill out and be mad at the people who actually deserve it.

  12. M says:

    omg ok so “R” if you were really watching the trailer there isn’t infidelity they were told he died I am sorry but Im in the military and my husband is in the military shit happens.. don’t blame a damn movie for something you feel either threatened about or guilty for that matter… Other then that it looks good… can’t wait to see it….

  13. Laura says:

    Um… Why do I feel like this movie should be called Pearl Harbor??? oh yeah, because it’s the SAME STORYLINE!!

  14. brandi cobbs says:

    ok this is a remake of the danish film that was made in 2004!! so nothing new here for me!! but yeah itll prob be a good movie but i think i would like the danish version more so than this version..unless they change it up a tad bit!! this version looks a lot more scandalous..but i still think id like the danish version better

  15. Matthew says:

    Laura your right this is just like pearl harbor the guy gos to war they think he dies his best friend starts to date his girlfriend then they realize he’s not dead.Same thing just mixed up!

  16. D says:

    Seriously, this is good because you can tell from the Trailer that The Marine has some PTSD. As for R, please don’t jump to conclusions that this movie isn’t worth seeing. I am a military member myself and quite frankly, it’s not movies that upset me, it’s the people and dependants that think the world owes them something just because you’re a military spouse. He’s your husband!!! He’s not an excuse!!!

  17. Tauseef Ahmed says:

    Iz it goin to be Pearl Harbour 2…???

    Em waitin for it to be released cuz it seem to me a gud movie…

  18. L says:

    This was a horrible movie. I was so excited to see it and was very disappointed with it. A complete waste of time. What a horrible ending.

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