Sandrine Sahakians

Sandrine has been a film lover for as long as she can remember. From actions films to rom com to indies, Sandrine pretty much enjoys every type of films, apart from horror movies. She’s always on the lookout for great films suggestions and is open to try anything… that is except for horror films ;)

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11 Responses

  1. -peeps- says:

    i do love this movie!!!
    it was a pretty damn movies!
    dont 4get to watch it!

  2. nia says:

    nice movie wor!

  3. NMF says:

    I completely agree that this movie was fantastic. Once it was over, I was sitting there like “Chris Weitz is amazing”. The film was just sooo good and definitely proves that you can stay true to the book and still produce a great movie that even non-book lovers should enjoy! The added humor was just soo great, but it didn’t detract from the emotions of the rest of the story. The acting was incredible all around for me. The CGI…wow, just wow. There were bits and pieces here and there of course that weren’t wonderful, but overall I left the theater a very satisfied Twi-hard. I’m just really thankful to the director, cast, crew, and everyone else that put in so much effort to make this really great movie for us. I can’t wait to go watch it again!

  4. sarah says:

    I really enjoyed this movie, like most I have read the books, so Im a huge fan. I didnt think Twilight was very good at all but New Moon was great. Chris did a great job, and I LOVE the wolves. The relationship between bella and Jake was built and I have always been team edward, but in this film it really showed how much bella and jake connect…so now Im team switzerland! 🙂 They had alot of the key parts from the book, and the fight scences were very good, acting was much improved and I cant wait for eclipse! I will go see this movie again, then probably buy it! lol

  5. teamjacob:) says:

    I loved the movie. I saw the midnight premiere in Baton Rouge, LA. i have been team Jacob (holy!! That guy is the finnest thing since chocolate)since the beginning. I would fall for him, jacob and taylor, hook line and sinker. Although Eclipse was my favorite book, this movie was AMAZING!!!! I found myself tearing up as Jacob pleaded with Bella. I would do anything to be in Bellas shoes in that particular part. I find that i would actually chose Jacob over Edward because Jake is a kind person and sounds extremely hot in the books and is played by an even hotter actor, (love you always taylor<3).
    jacob black is just this…..incredible….. to bad bella didnt pick him:(

  6. Linda says:

    It was completely crap. A war between the vampires and the wolves and a lame love triangle. Conversations were too slow. I felt like i had to pull the language out of them myself. The actions were too fast and there was too little of it. I couldn’t see who attacked who at some points.

  7. Gina says:

    Let me say something that some people don’t understand each book is like different genres twilight is like beautiful story of edwards and bella falling in love with some drama. New Moon is mix with depression,friendship and introducing characters and a bit action, Eclipse is Action 1 0n 1 and ofcourse with some love/pain/love haha and Breaking Down is sooooo unique there’s no way tu put it haha so i think ppl expected to see the same thing or the action wit the vampires and wolfs fast but there’s lots more then that.

  8. rhea says:

    cant wait 2 c da movie..
    u guys have such awesum reviews on it! 😀

  9. -JACOB- says:

    i loved this movie…i went to see it 2 times in one day…LOVE IT <3

  10. Desiree says:

    NEW MOON was frekin awesome. for the person who said that it wasn’t there is somthing wrong with them. They just need to read the boks GO TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!

  11. lalala says:

    honestly, its not that good…very dissappointed.. yeah theres sum gudstuff like the jacob tranformation thing but the bella edward moments…so much missing in there like the part where edward opens her present i mean the cd (edwards/esme gift),the part when they got back from saving edward(cullen family waiting at the airport….edward bring back bella home while charlie furious seeing edwrd…the part when bella wanted to go to edwards haus to make the vote its like theyre alredy at the cullen haus..skip so much all the gud stuff thre!ugh!it doesnt feel like a movie..esp the last part wtf…its like its jumping,skip,jumping to a diffrent scene rather than the continuation of that scene……………asking bella to marry him right after wer jacob and edward almost rip each others throat nice SETTING!nice MOOD!what the hell is the director thinking???!!i know they cant do exactly whats in the book but the way they did it..ugh!i didnt feel even half of what i felt when i red the book…what a messed up script!