BROTHERS Movie Clip with Natalie Portman and Carey Mulligan

Sandrine Sahakians

Sandrine has been a film lover for as long as she can remember. From actions films to rom com to indies, Sandrine pretty much enjoys every type of films, apart from horror movies. She’s always on the lookout for great films suggestions and is open to try anything… that is except for horror films ;)

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2 Responses

  1. Shelley says:

    Awesome clip. I heard this is a remake. Anyone see the orininal “Brothers”? I wonder if the remake is drastically different…

  2. Shellie09 says:

    I did. The original is very good as is this version. They’re very much alike in script however, this is of course set in middle America and has a bit of a difference culturally. Aesthetically they’re parallel and the acting is superb in both. I would def recommend seeing Brothers while it is out in theaters.