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Sandrine has been a film lover for as long as she can remember. From actions films to rom com to indies, Sandrine pretty much enjoys every type of films, apart from horror movies. She’s always on the lookout for great films suggestions and is open to try anything… that is except for horror films ;)

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  • Lexie

    WHOA!!!! I can NOT wait! I totally love the books (I’ve read the Lightning Thief 3 times…in a row) so I can’t wait to see the movie. I have to keep my expectations low though because I think that was supposed to be a hydra in there and Percy doesn’t come across a hydra till book 2: Sea of Monsters. Basically, it won’t be exactly like the book.

  • KewlGuy

    Trailer looks nice, but there are so many diffrent things from it and the book. But since movies are never ever never ever never like the book’s this still looks pretty good.

  • Cambodius

    It also looks like the watch sheild tyson gave him in the second book…

  • echo

    what the heck? those actors are like sixteen! in the book they were twelve! i’ve seen movies mess up on actors before, but not like this.

  • Krazee

    Ok the trailer looks awesome but I have read the books and it sure dont seem to go along with the first book. Still seems like it will be a good movie tho so I will have an open mind to it!

  • ripoff from harry poter fuck fuck

  • L@f!N

    Omg! aren’t they supposed to be like 12yrs old….. annabeth looks like someone who’s finished college….. seriously why do they want to mess up percy jackson…. why why why!

  • OMG

    OMG OMG OMG The movie are totally different. I only recognize few sence from the book…. And Percy was holding the Master Bolt? He’ll turn into ash!!!

  • Sam

    So. I’m going to keep my expectations low too. So far I’m excited, but already disappointed. Annebeth is a blond, not a brownie. And it’s not a click pen. So yeah…

  • bob

    who cares if its not a click pen it looks like it will follow story line wellor at least better than eragon. but yall are right he isn’t supposed to face a hydra and it would fry him holding the lightning bolt

  • wil

    what the crap annabeth is not supposed to be brown and it said three demigods two demigods and a satyr. annabeth is a blonde and they are supposed to be twelve not 16. and other people said the bolt would fry his hand it didnt fry through a backpack so it woont fry through his hands and the hydra doesnt come til book two u need to cut that and u dont click the pen u uncap it im a big fan of the series and im not immpressed u need to make some changes

  • cjl

    in the trailer its like they know percy is the sone of posiden in the book they dont know untill capture the flag anf in the muesam chirion throws riptide to percy he dosent give it to him untill they find out who his dad is it bullshit i still want to see the movie

  • whatever

    hey seriously?
    shut up about that ripping off harry potter crap cuz it’s so not true.
    if you’ve even read the books then you’ll know how different they are to harry potter. Percy jackson is an amazing book series and i hope the movie turns out alright. sure they changed a few things but don’t leave hate comments cuz those can be very hurtful.
    thats all 🙂

  • loren

    anebeth is blonde, there not like teenagers, the pin is not a click one and also there giving away the good parts of the story in the trailer: (son of posiden)but i love these books and i think the movie should be alright , i am alitle disapointed because all of the importart little things arent their, but i am sure rick riordan wont let them toy with the story too much so it should follow the storyline pretty well. this is my favorit book and i think it should be a great movie.

  • Does the firsy movie show all five books (i havent finished the fith)or what?

  • a disapointed guy

    the movie is so inacurate in many ways theyre supposed to be twelve not 16 the pens not supposed to be a clicky pen annabeths using a sword not her knife they didnt meet the hydra till book 2 percy was using the shiled tyson made and he doesnt get that till book 2 and there was never a part when they were in a car with a fricken gattling gun on the top i have to say im very disapointed

    • Matt

      Its not Tyson’s shield, its Luke’s

  • Iain

    Annabeth is suposed to have blond hair, not brown. Grover is white skinned, not brown. Percys pen is a capped pen, not a clicked one. they never fight a dragon in this book. They’re suposed to be 12, not 16. ive read the book and loved it, but this trailer is just disipointing! How is it soo hard to make it similair to the book?!?!

  • nikos

    theyer 12 not 18! i knew the directer would screw it up. HOW COULD THEY SCREW UP SUCH A GREAT BOOK!!!!!!!!

  • iluvjaypaw

    Percy is 16 in the last book not the 1st book. The pen is a cap pen 2. Annabeth is blonde and they dont fight the Hydra in the 1st book. i read the books like 6million times so im hoping they change somethings. i hope it turns out sorta like the book. i cant wait but im hoping it will turn out ok. i <3 percy jackson books 🙂

  • Noobing noob

    w00t, i love the percy jackson series, i read each book at least 5 times except that last 1, i can’t wait for the movie to come out

  • Noobing noob

    seriously, Percy Jackson series is not a rip off of Harry Potter

  • ??????????????

    i think its stupid that Annabeth aint blone I’ld make a better Annabeth then her at least im blonde

  • aries

    if u guys are dissapionted that the movie isnt going to be exactly like the bok then u dont have to see the dang movie so appreciate what u have or get nothing

  • Michele

    OMG I am kind that Annabeth is not a blonde. WTF?!(& no offense to anyone because I am a minority) but what is up with Grover being African-American?? Im more upset about the blonde hair and the fact that they look so much older!!! Agggh!! When you read the books u already picture them. They could at least 1/4 a*s get them right.. Geeez (1/2 is asking for too much hahaha) Cant wait!

  • smart person

    you cant screw the book up, you know why? because the books are still on bookshelves the way they are. The director didn’t go into the books and change them. Shut the fuck up and quit whining, god most of you all are a bunch of little babies. You all are why I’m ashamed to call myself a nerd, fuckin retards. GO WATCH TWILIGHT.