Americ Ngwije

Americ's movie watching experience has to be entertaining, so mostly anything with explosions will do, and having Jason Statham in them is always a plus. Then there are the odd men out aka "Meet Joe Black" and "In the Land of Women," go figure…

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  1. m.baghus says:

    Mao’s Last Dancer, is a great movie. I think you have to watch it more often to see everything that this movie has in it. It comes from the hart and it touches me in the hart, wauw! It is so interesting how it is made. The dance parts are great and perfect, a lot of expression, commitment and personality. I want to thank the dancers for their hard work. I love it. There are a lot of things to write about this. Thank you for making this film, a lot of people have to see it, so please go to the bigger movies in Europe with it. I would love to have it on DVD, I can’t wait to see it again and again and again. PLease let me know when it is available.Love it. Lots of love, Monique