Top 10 Creepy Movies To Watch on Halloween

Kelly Michele

Kelly has been a lover of movies since she was little. Although her movie tastes have changed a little since her younger days of Carebears and Mary Poppins, her love of film hasn't. She can generally be found watching any horror movie she can get her hands on, but will occasionally throw an indie film or documentary into the mix to shake things up. She speaks in movie quotes and uses film references in daily conversation; and she does all of this while attempting to change the world's negative opinion of fangirls.

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3 Responses

  1. Kat says:

    I don’t care what anyone says, ever. ‘Paranormal Activity’ scared me in a way that a movie should never scare you. It took me 6 weeks to sleep through the night and not wake up terrifed, thinking about it.

    I’ve seen it three times since and even when I know those moments are coming, they STILL scare me.

    I think a lot of the reason that so many people hated it or thought it was boring was because of the hype. I take some responsibility for that – I demanded it. I drove two hours to find a theater that was actually showing it (at midnight, to a sold out crowd). And then I told everyone who would listen how scary and sad and AWESOME it was. Once that build up was out there, the movie had no chance to live up to it!

  2. Katie says:

    I completely agree with you Kat!
    I went to go see paranormal activate last November with my boyfriend (I don’t think it was as big as in America over here) as the cinema was mostly empty. I’m usually scared of ghost films, but their was somthing about this trailer to this movie that made me want to see if it’s true, and also if it would make me cry (like it had with a few of my friends) I was terrified by the end, and I have never seen the end bit where Katie throws Micah across the floor my eyes

  3. Katie says:

    .. My eyes are always closed!!
    That night, I didn’t sleep, we had the hall light on, I slept on the inner side of the bed and we had family guy playing on the DVD player. I was terrified to wake up at around 3am, go to the toilet at night. it really had a horrible affect on me. still to this day we have to watch a happy DVD at bed time, I can now sleep on my side of the bed, but I still can’t get up in the night without all the lights on. my boyfriend didn’t think it was scary, he didn’t enjoy it, the only bit he liked was the end (the gory bit) so I think that’s where the divide is. Also I think if you allow yourself to beileve in the paranormal, it frightens you, it was such a home story I could identify myself with Katie,except I don’t have demons haunting me.
    How tempted was I at the end when the writing comes on the screen- no one knows of Katies whereabouts.
    I’m here!

    Very chilling film!!