Johnny Depp Replaces Robert Downey Jr. in Disney’s OZ


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3 Responses

  1. Tisha York says:

    Depp and Downey are both fine actors who have mastered their craft. Equally up for ANY roll they decide to sign on for.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I very much agree. I love Depp but would have been interested to see what Downey did with the role. Both are such intense actors.

  3. viewer says:

    Is Johnny being the bully in the schoolyard? I think Robert would do a very good job on Oz. I certainly would go to see it with Robert at the helm (he is adorable and an excellent actor … truly hot!!!!)! Since Johnny has so many other films coming out, I would need a change of face to watch. Johnny is busy enough as it is. Why doesn’ t he go make some more babies, since he was feeling broody a few weeks ago, “Nice” kindda work … don’t ya think Johnny … dear? Kisses and love …. play nice.