Henry Cavill Is The New SUPERMAN


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8 Responses

  1. Sandie says:

    I think this is actually pretty cool. I only know Henry Cavill from his work on The Tudors, but he was really great in that, so I have very high hopes for him as Superman. What worries me more about the movie than this casting, is what the story/script will be like. Usually that’s where movies fail. Fingers crossed!

    • Andrea says:

      I’m very much looking forward watching someone who’s previously unknown to most people who follow big movie stars. I think he’s going to really shine!

  2. brandon says:

    Tom Welling

    • Cici says:

      Tom Welling may not be as good as Christopher Reeves or even Brendon Routh but at least he looks like superman and is a good actor too. The thing about superman is that just because someone is ok looking and ok actor it does’t meant he could be superman..It has to be someone with that special look which represents the best humanity and justice. A young pretty boy like Henry just wouldn’t do. Tom has that boy scout and naive look but yet very determined and brave

  3. cici says:

    Henry Cavill maybe a believable actor I don’t know but he looks nothing like superman. His face just isn’t superman material. Superman has a very masculine and mature look and should suit someone in his mid30s, whereas this guy is too pretty and too soft looking (he may have a nice body) to be superman. They ruined it for me..arrrrr just hope at least they don’t screw up the story as they did last time otherwise this new superman movie would be rather unwatchable! I’d rather stick to comics as at least it’s authentic

    • Andrea says:

      I think that it’ll be really interesting to see what Cavill does with the role, and if the “Superman” look will make a difference overall to fans and filmgoers when all is said and done. Definitely an interesting casting choice.

  4. Atlanta Roofing says:

    Dean Cain was the best Superman even though he just played him on TV.

  5. Jenn says:

    Not offense to Brits, but Superman is the greatest AMERICAN hero and an American should rightfully play him.

    I actually thought Brandon Routh did a terrific job. If not him, then I say they should have asked Tom Welling.