Exclusive: PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2’s Micah Sloat Interview


Michelle is a freelance writer and editor who became addicted to television by watching soaps with her grandmother at age six. She is pickier now, but not by much. Her free time is spent either watching TV or reading a book—often both at the same time—and the Kindle and Tivo are her all-time favorite inventions.

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4 Responses

  1. Kelly says:

    Paranormal Activity scared the DAYLIGHTS out of me when I saw it in the theater. I’m a horror movie FANATIC – I’ll see anything – and pretty much have nerves of steel when it comes to being scared. I heard about Paranormal Activity, watched the trailer, and scared all of my friends by playing it for them. It was awesome.

    I then saw the movie in a limited run before it was widely released at midnight. I had to drive 2 hours to see it, and ended up getting motion sickness from the camera work 5 minutes before the ending. The next weekend, I was right back (having taking medication so I would puke in the theater) watching the film and getting more scared than I have EVER BEEN.

    I didn’t sleep for WEEKS after that movie – and was pleasantly surprised by the sequel.

    While it wasn’t the same level of scared as I was during Paranormal Activity, the scares that DID happen were MUCH bigger and louder, and like you said Michelle – messing with the dog and the kid was just offsides. I’m going to be grabbing PA2 to watch the extended scenes – and I can almost guarantee it’ll be scarier home alone then in a packed theater.

    Thanks for the interview – it was fun to read!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks! I’m so glad someone agrees that adding a baby and dog are offsides. Most people I know just laugh at me and say, “What do you expect?”

      I agree PA2 would be scarier at home, which is why I won’t be watching it there ever. I am such a wimp when it comes to these movies. I have to watch them with a lot of other people and leave the theater when it’s light out. Sad but true.

      • Kelly says:

        I had friends that did the same thing to me about the baby and the dog. You have to admit though, adding those two things that we don’t really see a lot of in American horror was a great spin on the story. I think we’ve become so desensitized to horror on every level that writers are looking for more “off limit” things to use to push the envelope.

        But that could just be me…lol. I love the genre and am always looking for movies that scare me!!

        I was thinking about renting it this weekend, but my roomie is out of town… so I’m not sure that’d be the best idea I’ve ever had. Watching it in a crowded theater is one thing, but watching certain scenes home alone… not the best plan!

  2. hovno says:

    mimochodem nejhroznější část filmu je ta jak sou tam ty kuří obtisky nohou teď se vůli vám bojím slepic!!!!!mám z nich fobii!!!