5 Movies That Will Depress You For Sure

Kelly Michele

Kelly has been a lover of movies since she was little. Although her movie tastes have changed a little since her younger days of Carebears and Mary Poppins, her love of film hasn't. She can generally be found watching any horror movie she can get her hands on, but will occasionally throw an indie film or documentary into the mix to shake things up. She speaks in movie quotes and uses film references in daily conversation; and she does all of this while attempting to change the world's negative opinion of fangirls.

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13 Responses

  1. Michelle StJames says:

    Great list!

    Since I’ve been seeing the ads for the Blu-ray release for what seems like weeks now and I practically tear up every time, I would have to add Bambi (oh, and don’t get me started on The Fox and the Hound!). Actually, this could end up being a ginormous list for me: Saving Private Ryan, Terms of Endearment, What Dreams May Come (not a great movie, but wow, can it make me cry), Fried Green Tomatoes, For Love of the Game, Philadelphia, Boys Don’t Cry. Oh, yeah, I could go on.

    Suddenly I’m in the mood for a serious tearjerker. 🙂

    • Kelly says:

      Bambi is one that I won’t even THINK of watching. Saving Private Ryan and Black Hawk Down were two on my list, but once I went there, it opened a FLOODGATE for war films.

      Philadelphia is totally one that I should have put on here. That movie is great.

  2. Eric says:

    District 9 didn’t do it for me. Too many plot holes and unlikable hero just pissed me off.

    Cool list though 🙂

    • Kelly says:

      I don’t know what it was about that movie but it really got to me; but I do see why others wouldn’t really think it was that bad. There really wasn’t a “good” guy in the movie to root for at all.

  3. Wes says:

    Great choices, especially Requiem. Lest we forget that Mr. Wayans was also met with an unfortunate and equally depressing result.

  4. The pursuit of Happyness is a movie I can never watch again. The entire movie was sad, with the exception of 2 1/2 minutes of “happy” near the end.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I just have to say that I could not agree with you more on District 9. I watched that movie and was so depressed that it almost made me mad. I just kept saying to myself “what was the point of that??” and simply could not believe how many people had actually *recommended* it to me.

    • Kelly says:

      THANK YOU! The movie was REALLY well done, but OH MY GOODNESS. It was so freaking depressing. Like I said, I had to turn it off about a quarter of the way through because I just couldn’t handle it anymore. I almost didn’t think I’d be able to turn it back on until I figured I owed it to the poor aliens to see what happened.

      I was ANGRY at the filmmakers when it was over. It’s one thing to be ashamed to be a human when you’re watching a movie about us ruining the planet, but it is completely different when you’re watching people kill these other beings. And I think it struck me hard because I KNEW it was based on political events and that these things happened. Maybe not to the exact extent as shown in the film, but close.


      • Anonymous says:

        So nice to hear someone who agrees with me on this one. Yes, very well done but I seriously felt like I’d been beaten after I watched it. And that was with fast-forwarding through pretty much the whole second half. I thought about just turning it off and taking it out of my DVD player, but like you I felt sort of guilted into seeing how it ended. Plus I was really hoping it would redeem itself at some point along the line, you know give me some sort of hope or at least a decent reason for why it should be watched. Nope, nothing.

        BTW, been dying to know what thought of the last couple eps of Supernatural…. ;o)

        • Kelly says:

          I was so torn when people would ask me what I thought about the film because I wanted to scream at them that it was HORRIBLE, but it wasn’t a BAD movie. So I started telling people that the movie was great, the subject matter was INTENSE, and there will be parts when you want to throw up. No big deal.

          I totally have to jump into your reviews on the last two eps! I’ll do that right now.

  6. Rowan Macdonald says:

    song for a raggy boy.

    it depressed me for years. I’m still depressed about it now. becuase that pervert and the other brother, got off scott free.