What Would Your Animagus Be? [Harry Potter Movie Challenge]


A self proclaimed "encyclopedia of useless entertainment knowledge", Andrea has been a movie buff, avid bookworm and tv junkie for as long as she can remember. Generally a fan of epic fantasy and RomComs, living in the great city of New York has allowed her to expand her film interests to everything under the sun….almost (she still stays away from most everything horror-themed.) She can usually be found watching her favorite films on repeat (Lord of the Rings, 300) or mourning the loss of her favorite tv shows (R.I.P. X-Files and Lost). You also will never see her without a cup of coffee attached to her hand.

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3 Responses

  1. Sandie says:

    That’s a hard question! Off the top of my head I’d love to be a dolphin, but then I would be able to travel on land, so that might be a bit restrictive, on the other hand I would be able to explore oceans, which is pretty neat.

    But if I had to choose an animal that living on land, then probably an owl, I’ll even up you one, a Snowy Owl, yes that’s right like Hedwig 🙂

  2. Wolfje777 says:

    for me it is easy,,,
    I guess I would be a lion, because like lions.
    and my patronus would be a wolf because i also like wolves.

  3. bookgrubz says:

    Hm…that’s a hard one. What WOULD I be?
    Well, I took some quizzes and they had said I would be a type of owl. I just  looked up various owl types too, and I found one that was very like me- the Rufous Owl. 
    Even if I was able to choose my form (which we all know is not how the animagus transformation works) whatever I would want to turn into wouldn’t be that far off from the Rufous Owl.