5 Superheroes It Would Suck To Be In Real Life

Kelly Michele

Kelly has been a lover of movies since she was little. Although her movie tastes have changed a little since her younger days of Carebears and Mary Poppins, her love of film hasn't. She can generally be found watching any horror movie she can get her hands on, but will occasionally throw an indie film or documentary into the mix to shake things up. She speaks in movie quotes and uses film references in daily conversation; and she does all of this while attempting to change the world's negative opinion of fangirls.

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3 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    I would definitely add Rogue to that list. The inability to have any physical skin to skin interaction with another human without potentially killing them would be pure misery. No kissing, etc. would be torture.

  2. Brent Salmon says:

    I always imagined that Superman observes everything he sees with his X-ray vision with a level of clinical detachment; like a Doctor.