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Michelle Carlbert

Moki is a freelance writer, editor and blogger who is a self-proclaimed geek and fangirl. The first movie she fell in love with was Star Wars (the original of course), but she's into more than just Sci Fi these days. At one point in her life she went to a movie every single Sunday night and saw some great flicks (and some really bad ones as well) during those years. Her DVD movie collection is full of everything from dramas to action, plus comedy and even some chick flicks and kid's movies, too. These days she has a hard time deciding what her favorite genre of movie is, preferring instead to say that she'll watch just about anything that catches her fancy.

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2 Responses

  1. Arms1987 says:

    Plots holes before even seeing the trailer!!

    1) I forget which film it was but in one of the first two films we see Beast before his blueness on a TV screen debating Mutant rights, in this prequel he is true blue.

    2) Emma Frost is a teen in Wolverines film, she is an adult in a film based before it.

    These were established in the films NOT JUST COMICS.

    3) Havoc the younger brother of Cyclops is a man in the 60’s when years later in Wolverines film Cyclops was a kid.

    4) Sabretooth and Mystique are Nightcrawlers parents!!!

    • Nonnie says:

      2) She’s just billed as ‘Emma’, and never explicitly referred to as ‘Emma Frost’. Also, canonically, Emma Frost and Silverfox weren’t related.

      4) No, they really aren’t. Sabretooth and Mystique are Graydon Creed’s parents. Nightcrawler’s parents are Mystique and Azazel.