5 Road Movies That Will Make You Forget It’s Still Winter

Sabienna Bowman

Sabienna is a freelance writer, pop culture junkie and unabashed fangirl. She blames an early exposure to The X-Files and the Must See TV era of NBC for her twin life-long loves of sci-fi and sitcoms. She's not sure where her all-consuming love for all things British came from, but it led her to Doctor Who so she doesn't complain.

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3 Responses

  1. Great article Sabienna, although the only one movie you mentioned that I love is Little Miss Sunshine, the rest is just ok, and not something I would watch over and over.

    And I’m surprised you enjoyed Passenger Side. As much as I wanted to like it when I saw it (especially since I really like Adam Scott), I just couldn’t get into it. 

    But now I have to think of which road movies will make me forget it’s still Winter. I think I enjoy the silliness of Road Trip and EuroTrip, they always make me laugh.

    • Sabienna B. says:

      Thanks Sandie! I’ve noticed my taste in road movies tends to run toward the quirky indie stuff. I almost put Away We Go on the list, which is another movie that I know is a required taste. I decided it had way too much air travel to count though.

      Passenger Side charmed me a ridiculous amount. I’ve seen it…more times than I’m willing to admit actually. It’s a comfort food movie for me.

      Euro Trip! I remember seeing that one in the theater. It’s been a while, but it was definitely a fun one.