Guy Ritchie To Direct ‘Treasure Island’

Sarah Luoma

An East Coast native, Sarah has a love for both television and movies, especially sci-fi series, and cheesy family shows like Everwood and Once and Again. She’s also a fanatic when it comes to the old school greats like Frasier and The Golden Girls. She has been a freelance writer on the web for five years covering everything and anything in the entertainment world.

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2 Responses

  1. Stevenson’s treasure map was dated 1750. There really was a treasure buried in the Caribbean in 1750, not by Captain James Flint but a merchant captain named Owen Lloyd who was born in Flintshire, Wales. Owen Lloyd’s wife and brother in law lived in St. Kitts. His brother in-law may well have met Robert Louis Stevenson’s great grandfather who died at St. Kitts in 1774. There probably would not have been a Treasure Island for Mr. Stevenson if not for the real life treasure buried by Owen Lloyd. And without Treasure Island we would not have Pirates of the Caribbean today.

  2. Djerres1 says:

    Guy Richie is really good his movies
    Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows is so awesomely directed