Guy Ritchie To Direct ‘Treasure Island’

Sarah Luoma

An East Coast native, Sarah has a love for both television and movies, especially sci-fi series, and cheesy family shows like Everwood and Once and Again. She’s also a fanatic when it comes to the old school greats like Frasier and The Golden Girls. She has been a freelance writer on the web for five years covering everything and anything in the entertainment world.

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  • Stevenson’s treasure map was dated 1750. There really was a treasure buried in the Caribbean in 1750, not by Captain James Flint but a merchant captain named Owen Lloyd who was born in Flintshire, Wales. Owen Lloyd’s wife and brother in law lived in St. Kitts. His brother in-law may well have met Robert Louis Stevenson’s great grandfather who died at St. Kitts in 1774. There probably would not have been a Treasure Island for Mr. Stevenson if not for the real life treasure buried by Owen Lloyd. And without Treasure Island we would not have Pirates of the Caribbean today.

  • Djerres1

    Guy Richie is really good his movies
    Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows is so awesomely directed