The Double Feature: Hot Fuzz and Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

Sabienna Bowman

Sabienna is a freelance writer, pop culture junkie and unabashed fangirl. She blames an early exposure to The X-Files and the Must See TV era of NBC for her twin life-long loves of sci-fi and sitcoms. She's not sure where her all-consuming love for all things British came from, but it led her to Doctor Who so she doesn't complain.

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4 Responses

  1. i love Tyler Labine, and Tucker and Dale is a great movie! i’ve watched it several times, lol.  i hadn’t had much interest in Hot Fuzz, although i do like Simon Pegg.  i’ll have to give it a shot if i can find it, since it’s not on Netflix 🙁

    • Sabienna B. says:

      I think you’ll enjoy Hot Fuzz if you liked Tucker and Dale. They both have the same kind of satirical, tongue-in-cheek humor. Plus, Pegg gets to play an actual action hero. It’s wonderful.

  2. Why yes I will have to do my own night of horror/comedy goodness. I have already seen Hot Fuzz, which was great, but haven’t had a chance to watch Tucker & Dale vs. Evil yet, even though it’s been on my to watch list for a while. I guess your endorsement kind of makes me want to watch it more. Especially if you think it fits well with Hot Fuzz.

    And it’s funny because I’m not a horror fan at all either, but horror and comedy also totally works for me 🙂

    • Sabienna B. says:

      Tucker & Dale vs. Evil was such a fun film! I wasn’t sure what to expect going in, I thought it might be a bit too silly for me, but it was hilarious. It’s also weirdly sweet too, just like Hot Fuzz. I think you’ll like it. 🙂