The Top 13 Found Footage Horror Movies

Mark Trammell

Mark Trammell is a life-long fan of films and has a pretty whacked-out, all-over-the-place movie collection that would give most sane people pause. He loves horror movies and Disney flicks and isn't entirely sure there is a difference. He one day hopes to put his money where his mouth is and inflict his own perverse vision on society, entirely so that he can tell people who ask: "If you think you can do better, why don't you make a movie yourself?" to shut up. He is the resident Entertainment Critic at UAB.

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2 Responses

  1. Bouffie76 says:

    alot of great choices there, loved the Paranormal Activity movies until part 3. And although its fairly new, i believe VHS should be on the list. The idea of its plotline is fresh and original. The movie focuses on several horror and sci-fi genres and will hopefully set the new standard for “found-footage” movies. Oh yeah, Alien Origins sucked.

    • Mark Trammell says:

      ¬†Thanks for the kind comment! I did consider putting “V/H/S” on the list proper, but ended up just mentioning it in the intro so that I could have the list be 13 entries long. (Lame reason, I know.) You’ll be happy to know that they green-lighted a sequel already. I know one of the directors of the movie Adam Wingard- he’s from Birmingham, where I currently live. He was a regular at a local film festival we have and he was always really nice and outgoing to me as a reporter. His films are something to see if you haven’t already. Most horror fans lean towards “Homesick” and “A Horrible Way to Die.” The former has some great genre names in it, like Bill Moseley & Tom Towles, plus Tiffany Shepis bathing in blood naked- never a bad thing! His stuff isn’t for everyone, but at least he’s doing original material and not remaking old slasher movies or what have you.