Tom Cruise Reaches For His Action Star Crown in New Trailer and Poster for ‘Jack Reacher’

Caroline Preece

Living and working in the UK, Caroline is a telly addict with a slightly age-inappropriate addiction to teen dramas, especially when they're fused with science-fiction or fantasy. Blogging (at Girls Talk TV) and freelance writing take up the rest of her time, but she'd be more than happy to be watching and reviewing TV all day long.

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5 Responses

  1. Mianimo says:

    Hey Caroline, “Dwindling star power?” Mission Impossible 4 Top Grossing film of his career, Knight and Day FOX’s top grosser for 2010, Forbes listed him as highest earning actor, so, uh, how about a little factual reference in your writing? Yikes. This is why I find myself reading less and less on the Internet, it can’t be trusted.

  2. Truth says:

    Why doesn’t Tom cruise care about his 6 years old daughter who is experiencing the SandyStorm in NY?  Where are you Tom?  Busy with your man-wife David Miscavige?

  3. Truth says:

    Playing an abusive, angry and criminal character is the easiest ones for Tom Cruise as those are her true personalities.
    Who really want to hire Tom for movies.  His movies are nothing but  failure in box office.

  4. Teri says:

    Jack Reacher is suppose to be a big man. According to the books he is over six feet and looks like a NFL player. How are we suppose to take Tom Cruise seriously in this part? BAD CASTING

  5. Krish Govender says:

    No matter what people will say, I will always go and watch a Tom Cruise movie.