The Top 25 Most Underrated Heist Films

Mark Trammell

Mark Trammell is a life-long fan of films and has a pretty whacked-out, all-over-the-place movie collection that would give most sane people pause. He loves horror movies and Disney flicks and isn't entirely sure there is a difference. He one day hopes to put his money where his mouth is and inflict his own perverse vision on society, entirely so that he can tell people who ask: "If you think you can do better, why don't you make a movie yourself?" to shut up. He is the resident Entertainment Critic at UAB.

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3 Responses

  1. M.A. says:

    Great list MT, thanks! I’ll spare you the “Hey, what about….?” ‘cos what are the chances of any 2 people’s list of 25 movies in any given category being identical, but how nice to see so many original titles and possible ‘buried gems’.

  2. jholland51 says:

    I watched four of the movies in this list and they were all very good. I especially liked Miami blues.

  3. Jason Michael Pate says:

    Saw a French heist movie in the early 90’s and have been racking my brain for like 10 years trying to remember its name and actors…Killing Zoe! Thank you!!!!