Watch First Clip From Charming Pixar Short ‘The Blue Umbrella’

Caroline Preece

Living and working in the UK, Caroline is a telly addict with a slightly age-inappropriate addiction to teen dramas, especially when they're fused with science-fiction or fantasy. Blogging (at Girls Talk TV) and freelance writing take up the rest of her time, but she'd be more than happy to be watching and reviewing TV all day long.

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1 Response

  1. Christine Kovacs says:

    This was very cute indeed until the very pro-gay message at the end. You can’t even take your children to the movies without being bombarded with some sort of political message. Enough already. I spent $40.00 on tickets and $31.00 on snacks for my family and was close to walking out for a refund. Don’t need your views force-fed, thank you very much. If it happens to me again, I do intend to walk out requesting my money back. Thank goodness for pay-per-view and on demand tv, which is where I will be spending my movie time and money.