‘Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters’ Movie Review – Big Budget Bust

Jordan Magrath

Jordan, who currently resides in Seattle, WA, has slowly become a film fanatic over the past couple of years. He attributes his love for film to the smash hit THE DARK KNIGHT which has created an (un)healthy obsession with both Christopher Nolan and the Batman franchise. Although he appreciates all genres of film, his favorite movies are typically psychological thrillers, with an emphasis on non-traditional narratives.

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1 Response

  1. Monkey says:

    Sure, I’m really late in responding. But this Movie was AWESOME! I highly disagree with you saying that they suck at hunting witches. I’d like to see anybody else hunt something that apparently has super strength and speed as well as the ability to cast weird creepy magic spells that tear normal people apart, and see how well they would do. The only major complaint I have is that the movie was just way to short, and I would have enjoyed seeing more witch killing for atleast another half hour. Especially with all the badass weapons they showed, like a folding rifle that shoots an exploding bullet, or a crossbow that splits two shots. The creativity of cool as hell combat scenes was wonderful! But the story could have used a bit more work. The fact that it was a $50 million budget surprised me in only that it was so short. 88 minutes should have totally been extended to at least 110 minutes. That’s all.