‘6 Souls’ Movie Review – Do You Believe?

Kristen Elizabeth

Born and raised in Florida, but currently living in Los Angeles, Kristen spent most of her life wanting to be in the movies until she realized that she wanted to write for them more. When she's not patronizing the Arclight theatre, she can be found either reading a good, old-fashioned bodice ripper, discussing the failures of George Lucas with her friends over cherry pie at Mel's Diner or trying to round up one or more of her Star Trek RPG players. She's a proud member of the Romance Writers of America and recently finished her first novel.

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1 Response

  1. pradcliffe says:

    Agreed. Horrible silly waste of time. A touch of the Exorcist, a little bit of the Green Mile, a dab of voodoo and a psychiatrist who wears a cross around her neck while doing therapy. Why would such good actors agree to star in this muddled, confused and confusing piece of propaganda?