Why You Should Watch That Movie Someone Recommended

L.M. Magalas

Canadian-born L.M. Magalas has a universal love of movies that started when her grandfather had her watch The Searchers at the age of thirteen. Since then she's made a habit of watching any movie that is not nailed down, although she tends to avoid gory horror movies whenever possible. She is also an animated movie fan and loves anything by Hayao Miyazaki. She finds it difficult to find anyone willing to play Scene It with her. She's also a writer and yearly NaNoWriMo participant. Her favourite movie is the original Twelve Angry Men.

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2 Responses

  1. I love getting recommendations for films, but I am also guilty of sometimes dismissing them because they might not be my cup of tea. But mostly I think it’s more of a time constraint that prevents me from watching recommendations. That said your article has inspired me to make a point to watch more movies/shows that people have recommended. So we’ll see how that works out.

    I do have to say that I tend to be curious so check out quite a few movies myself to begin with, although I don’t have as much to time to do anymore. That said, I love Miyazaki’s films and those I discovered on my own for instance.

    Gattaca is one of my favorite films and when it came out I raved about it. And I also raved about Jude Law, who at the time wasn’t really known, but nobody cared at the time haha.

    Finally, Legends of the Fall was such an iconic film for me as a kid because all my friends had seen it and would fawn over Brad Pitt.

    Anyway, we’ll see how this new experiment of yours works out for me. I’m excited 🙂

    • L.M. Magalas says:

      Thanks for the kind response, Sandrine! I know what you mean about dismissing suggestions. Good luck with the experiment! I’m interested to hear how it turns out!