Why Ben Affleck Is Not Going To Ruin Batman (But Batman vs. Superman Just Might)

Sabienna Bowman

Sabienna is a freelance writer, pop culture junkie and unabashed fangirl. She blames an early exposure to The X-Files and the Must See TV era of NBC for her twin life-long loves of sci-fi and sitcoms. She's not sure where her all-consuming love for all things British came from, but it led her to Doctor Who so she doesn't complain.

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6 Responses

  1. Preach!!! 🙂

    I agree with you wholeheartedly. There is more risk in having a poor story than a bad performance from Ben Affleck

    • Sabienna B. says:

      Thanks, Americ!

      If the film’s going to sink, it’s going to be the creative team that does it– Affleck has grown into a terrific actor, and an even better creative force.

  2. Jonathan says:

    Wow… You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.

    To criticize the Dark Knight trilogy – which subsumes the three most celebrated Batman films of all time – is already telling, but then you say that Goyer wrote all three Dark Knight films.

    No. Goyer wrote Batman Begins, and was then relegated to outlining the story. Christopher Nolan and his brother wrote the last two films.

    Who the hell hires you buffoons?

    • Sabienna B. says:

      Ahh…and so the backlash begins. Goyer received writing credits for all three films, as is the way in Hollywood. I know, just as you do, that doesn’t mean he penned every word of the film. But what made it to the screen was subpar storytelling no matter who wrote it with the second film in the trilogy being elevated by one of cinema’s best performance. Nolan’s an excellent director, but style doesn’t equal substance. (And he wrote The Man of Steel– come on, dude.)

      As for criticizing the trilogy, I’m not the first to do so and I won’t be the last. In fact,far more seasoned critics than I have done just that (check out Rotten Tomatoes). I understand having a favorite film, we all do, but no film is above reproach, no matter how much you may personally love it.

      As for who hired me, it was the lovely man above you!

  3. Ah man, I love The Dark Knight trilogy 🙂

    BUT, you are on to something about Ben Affleck. He’s an excellent director (one of my favorite up-and-comers). So I can agree with you there.

    • Sabienna B. says:

      See, and I can totally understand that, I think movies speak to people in different ways– the stories never quite clicked with me, but full disclosure, I have always been way more into the Marvel heroes.

      Affleck is such a talented director! I’m hoping he gets to offer a bit of creative input on the movie.