‘Interstellar’ Movie Review – Nolan’s Most Ambitious

Jordan Magrath

Jordan, who currently resides in Seattle, WA, has slowly become a film fanatic over the past couple of years. He attributes his love for film to the smash hit THE DARK KNIGHT which has created an (un)healthy obsession with both Christopher Nolan and the Batman franchise. Although he appreciates all genres of film, his favorite movies are typically psychological thrillers, with an emphasis on non-traditional narratives.

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2 Responses

  1. RodneyHaines says:

    I just came from the theater.

    OK, Chris Nolan does go off on a different story line for half the movie. The other half is almost like watching “2001”!

    If Stanley Kubrick were alive today he’d be suing Chris Nolan for billions of dollars! The word plagiarism doesn’t even do the theft justice! Instead of a monolith near Jupiter, we have a wormhole near Saturn. Nolan’s “fifth dimension” looked strangely similar to the guts of “Dave”. Even the music was almost too close for comfort!

    A “2001” for a dumbed down generation: That’s “Interstellar”…

    • With this logic, Steven Spielberg should’ve sued J.J. Abrams for his homage film Super 8.

      Nolan cites 2001 as one of his biggest inspirations growing up, making Interstellar an homage film (ala Super 8). This completely eliminates the word “plagiarism.”

      Plus, there are enough differences to make it not a complete rip-off. The father-daughter relationship is crucial to this movie and it plays heavily on social issues today.

      So, in short: I disagree with you.