Opinion: ‘Furious 7’ Should Be the Final ‘Fast and the Furious’ Film

Jordan Magrath

Jordan, who currently resides in Seattle, WA, has slowly become a film fanatic over the past couple of years. He attributes his love for film to the smash hit THE DARK KNIGHT which has created an (un)healthy obsession with both Christopher Nolan and the Batman franchise. Although he appreciates all genres of film, his favorite movies are typically psychological thrillers, with an emphasis on non-traditional narratives.

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2 Responses

  1. Mj says:

    I agree… They should end it on that note. It was good and it was one in a million. Very rare and special.

  2. Adam says:

    not many franchises get a chance to end on such a perfect note. Too bad the money will make them decide not to. This movie has proven that the franchise is outstaying its welcome. Its efforts to one up its own stunts have resulted in a world where the viewer can’t interpret when something is or isn’t fatal and that is no longer fun to watch. The cast is dwindling and the family aspect won’t survive the passing of Paul Walker. Let it die is definitely a sad way to phrase it, but it needs to be done. If they end on 7, it will be remembered as a strong franchise.