Guest Articles

Here at Daemon’s Movies, we always welcome fun, interesting and informative movie related articles. Whether you are a budding or established writer, we offer a venue for you to share your awesome words with the world.

If you have questions on how to get your article published, check out this FAQ:

What kind of articles do you accept?
Submitted articles should abide by the following guidelines:
Relevance: the article must be relevant to our site and its overall editorial philosophy.
Originality: the article must not have been previously published on any site, blog in whole or in part.
Exclusivity: if the article is published, it must not be published elsewhere. You can excerpt the article and link back to it from your own blog if applicable.
Promotion: we encourage to promote your article – on social media like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Digg, Fark, Stubmleupon etc.

What kind of articles do you not accept?
Articles that:
– Are sponsored paid or have sponsored paid links
– Are previously published by you in the same or altered form on your or any other website
– Are self promoting your product or service
– Are promoting individual products, services and/or companies
– Contain affiliate/sponsored links
– Contain links to unrelated websites
– Contain SEO keyword links
– Contain inaccurate information or facts
– Contain inappropriate language
– Contain defamatory content
– Copyrighted content
– Do not follow our guidelines

Please note that we also reserve the right to reject articles at our sole discretion if we feel they not conform to our editorial philosophy.

Do I get paid for this?
No. There is no compensation for guest articles.

I have an idea for an article; How do I submit it to you?
It’s very simple. Just fill out the form below to submit your article idea. If we are interested in the idea, we will follow up with you. Please note, due to the volume of emails that we get on a daily basis, we are unable to answer personally to every submission. However, if your idea is accepted, you will hear back from us within a couple of weeks.