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5 Controversial Casting Choices That Turned Out Well

The news landed late on Thursday, with people primed to hate and/or love whoever got the role, and it turns out that Hollywood-movie-star-turned-point-of-ridicule-turned-Oscar-winning-director Ben Affleck will be the guy feeling the force of a...

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Lots of Dancing in Teaser Trailer for ‘Rio 2’

20th Century Fox’s sequel to 2011’s Rio, simply titled Rio 2, debuted its first teaser recently. It features a whole lot of dancing animals. True to the “teaser” part, it doesn’t give any hints...

Film Title: Les Miseˆrables

Powerful Full Trailer for ‘Les Miserables’ Arrives

In a world where big winter blockbusters bombard us with various trailers, featurettes and images before release, Tom Hooper’s Les Miserables has been remarkably restrained. We finally have a full trailer to feast our...