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5 Songs that Made the Movie 0

5 Songs that Made the Movie

We’re all used to hearing music in our movies, most of which nowadays is provided by popular music that we can find on the radio. Most film music tends to be either overlooked or...

The Draw of Disaster Movies 0

The Draw of Disaster Movies

Disaster and Doomsday films have been around almost since the beginning, and are a fairly popular genre of film in terms of marketing. In one way, it’s the highest form of suspense there is....

Titanic 3D 0

“Titanic” 3D Coming in April 2012

The Titanic could rise again in April 2012 when the blockbuster film is re-released in 3D. Paramount, Fox, and Lightstorm Entertainment are considering bringing the movie back to theaters in 2012, this time in...