SEX AND THE CITY 2 Movie Trailer #2

Sandrine Sahakians

Sandrine has been a film lover for as long as she can remember. From actions films to rom com to indies, Sandrine pretty much enjoys every type of films, apart from horror movies. She’s always on the lookout for great films suggestions and is open to try anything… that is except for horror films ;)

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2 Responses

  1. kuriouscat says:

    Chris Noth, a month has now gone by,
    I’m fair disappointed, I can’t tell a lie!
    I thought by now, you’d have had a wee tweet,
    You can trust in me, I am very discreet!

    I’m fair disappointed, because you’ve not joined,
    this social network, that twitter has coined!
    You must know, that your fans, are just waiting,
    some of them anxious, and some of them fainting!

    If they get a petition, would you think of it then?
    they’d vote you for mayor, they’re so loyal “ye ken”!
    I think your quite stubborn, to say the least,
    It’s like taming the shrew, or is it taming the beast!

    I have poked you, with my “cheeky” stick,
    just so happens, that your skin’s, quite thick!
    No movement from you, in the form of a twitter,
    Oh yes! did I mention, the prize is a fritter!

    Fritters are good, with a distinctive taste,
    all crispy and golden, with a spud tasting paste.
    The more drippy the grease, the easier it slides.
    I reckon its better with chips on the side!

    The new diet is working, your looking so trim,
    lots of new clothes and a top plaster skim.
    Your biceps, look all shiney and round,
    Are they for real, or is it silicone compound?

    They resembled some boobies, that I saw once,
    mistakingly, close up, I thought they where buns!
    Your fan base are rousing, and saying its not fair,
    that your not on twitter, and not wanting to share!

    Now you must be thinking, “why all the rush,
    there’s plenty of time, you don’t need to push”!
    A month of expecting, a twitter from you,
    is enough of a wait, it’s about 500 brews.

    I have a confession, that I have to make,
    for you to do twitter, I have a big stake!
    I put on a bet, that, I would get you a “twitting”,
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    I betted a fiver, and thought I would win,
    I should not have gambled, I know it’s a sin!
    But the deed is now done, and I cannot let go,
    I’m persistant you see but have nothing to show!

    If the answer is no, then the answer is no,
    Then the tweets from Chris Noth is a simple no show!
    I will end, my temptatious technique,
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    I will have to get around, this no win situation,
    a plan to be hatched, out of need and frustration.
    I’ll buy a wee bird, one that will speak,
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    I will paint up his feathers, a light shade of brown,
    and I dye his head black, just the top of his crown!
    I’ll feed him with trill, and a bit of a loaf,
    tell him over ‘n’ over that his name is “MacNoth”!

    The only thing is, he lacks in physique,
    I’ll have to try out, a lengthening technique!
    I need to stretch out, his wee tiny pegs,
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    He has a spare tyre, around his mid,
    The vet will do lipo, for around 40 Quid!
    His claws are rough, in need of a pedicure,
    this will protect, the keyboard, for sure!

    He carefully picks, at the keys nice and neat,
    the letters he needs, to get out his tweet.
    Sometimes he get angry, and, gives it a peck,
    I better not let on, there is a spell check!

    His chest is all puffy, and filled out with air,
    I might shave it off, and make him go bare!
    A top coat of tan varnish, should do the trick,
    hoping the cold, does not make him sick!

    I’ll have to do something, with his fluffy top,
    Bionical Gel, should produce a slick mop.
    The lights on his napper, sparkle and glint,
    don’t look too close, or you’ll be left with a squint!

    His shoulder’s are broad and boy do they sway,
    for a wee bird, it’s a real manly way!
    And his walk is strong, and just fantastic,
    it amazing what you can do, with some glue and elastic!

    Miniature weights, tied on to his claws,
    would build up his muscles, and add to the cause!
    His beak is just right, the ratio’s true,
    with a wee touch of putty, and he will look just like you!

    His jaw is now, very defined,
    to be honest, it was a bit of a grind!
    He squeaked and he squawked, at each little tweak,
    but now he is a bird, that is very unique!

    The process itself, was not very easy,
    Any bird lover, will find this quite queasy!
    He never complained, throughout all his training,
    I think for stardom, he is secretly aiming!

    “Wee Chris MacNoth”, I’m sure is content,
    When I tell you, that this role, was heaven sent!
    He is a natural entertainer, and showman as well,
    his ego is growing, “how can I tell”?

    His head is getting bigger, I think it might blow,
    now that, would, make a great, “wee Chris Mac” show!
    Theres tears in his eyes, and he’s looking intense,
    oh! I see it now, theres some grit on his lens!

    He is pretty good, at acting for ghirlies,
    a wee wink here and there, sends them into twirlies!
    The ghirlies are giddy and lightheaded too,
    he blows out air kisses, and aims them at you!

    His wardrobe is filling, with all types of leathers,
    he thinks it is sexy and works with his feathers!
    The stylist is ducking, from his requests,
    for a “Rab C. Nesbitt’s”, string type vest.

    He has suddenly developed, a liking for kilts,
    swinging his butt and making it tilt!
    Left and right, as high as it will go,
    shocking the ghirlies, and making them glow!

    Up to now, I have not mentioned much of his butt,
    it’s not very visible, when doing his strut!
    It looks a bit lost, and kind of a small,
    but remembering now, that he’s near 6 foot tall!

    Perhaps an injection of fat, to his ass,
    will make his butt, a convincing ‘A’ pass!
    Or, we could camouflage, and stuff in a quilt,
    it’s okay in his jeans, but not in his kilt!

    I’ll bet you a fiver, I can pull this one off,
    A replica clone of the big Chris Noth!
    As long as he tweet’s, I’m in with a shout,
    You had your chance Chris, the birds in, and your out!

    Now don’t start to greet, or winge, or whine,
    It’s “wee Chris’s” shot now, at the big time!
    The press is excited, at this new chris clone,
    they are desperately trying to get him alone!

    Wee chris is overwhelmed, at all this attention,
    we will have to make sure, he gets a good pension!
    The pressure is mounting, and he is standing tall,
    his fans are all squealing, he’s having a ball!

    He started to show, an interest in smoking,
    no kidding, seriously, I am not joking!
    Between, his two feathers, he stuffs a cigar,
    waves it around, when he’s at the bar!

    The problem with this is, that he is vunerable,
    He does not realise, that his top coat is flammable!
    A stray spark from a cig, could prove fatal, even death,
    I think in the long run, I will have to buy meths!

    Occasionally, I must admit,
    he drinks to excess, I’ve told him too quit!
    Drink after drink, he starts to get boozie,
    this is when, he becomes a wee woosie floosie!

    We all have weaknesses, “I say with a sigh”,
    He done me a favour, he’s my wee tweety pie!
    Its amazing the length, that we’ll go for a bet,
    “Ah life, its just a game of roulette”!

    The “Wee Chris MacNoth”, is the apple of my eye,
    he does what he told, he is my kinda guy!
    He tackles the twitters, left, right and centre,
    He teeters and tweeters on the edge of adventure!

    “Wee Chris MacNoth”, is looking quite dapper,
    he is tweeting out, amazing Scot’s “patter”!
    The words flow out, graceful and ryhming,
    Its amazing his wee brain, can deal with the timing!

    “Wee Chris MacNoth”, is an amazing wee creature,
    Im sure there’s a film, for him to be featured!
    I don’t have an agent lined up for him yet,
    As I was saying “its a game of roulette”!

    NO OFFENCE INTENDED – Kuriouscat.

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