‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Movie Review – The Truly Epic Conclusion

Jordan Magrath

Jordan, who currently resides in Seattle, WA, has slowly become a film fanatic over the past couple of years. He attributes his love for film to the smash hit THE DARK KNIGHT which has created an (un)healthy obsession with both Christopher Nolan and the Batman franchise. Although he appreciates all genres of film, his favorite movies are typically psychological thrillers, with an emphasis on non-traditional narratives.

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4 Responses

  1. Andyman says:

    I agree whole-heartily with your review. I wasn’t looking for another Dark Knight; it’s a movie that will probably never be topped nor should an attempt be made to top it. This movies job was to bring a satisfying and emotional ending to the series, and in that area it did its job and then some. Very pleased with the experience 

  2. Great review Jordan. I absolutely loved The Dark Knight Rises, and wasn’t looking for it to be better than either of the previous two films, I really took it like you as more of a conclusion to the series and it was amazing. 

    I’ll be honest, by the end I had nothing to criticize. I loved every single moment of it. Tom Hardy was brilliant, and I’m really going to miss Christian Bale as Batman. That said I think it’s good that they end it all on a high note.

    And since you mention IMAX in your review, now I really want to go see it again in IMAX, which I didn’t the first time around. 

    I think this is one of my favorite films this year, if not my favorite.